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Emperor Palpatine

Now because of this, Gilmore isn’t DPOY.

    I’m wrong but

    Lee brown idk if you meant don’t but I do. haven’t watched any cardinals games tho. but I’ve nothing about chandler jones until recently

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball

    @I’m wrong but Cause he plays for the cardinals

    Jygga Swoop

    Gilmore is overrated. Didn’t they play bum teams all year and lately the ne defense has sucked


    Vadim WhiteWolf shaq barret had 3 sacks today beating jones

    Max Robbins

    Vadim WhiteWolf I’d give it to TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, or Shaq Barrett

Evil Duck

Devante Parker just bullied Stephen Gilmore Parker could easily be a top 5 receiver if he’s given a chance


    He needs to go to a team with a better QB. Somewhere like NO with Brees or Green Bay with Rodgers.

    Chris Foster

    @supratrd900 no he needs to stay right here in Miami

    Ryan Kidd

    supratrd900 yeah sorry cuzzo he ain’t going no where

    C N

    He’s a good player, but that’s an overstatement. He wasn’t even the Dolphins’ best WR
    prior to undrafted rookie Preston Williams getting hurt.

    Liz G.

    Actually 1200 yards

The Cool Kids Channel

I’m the first comment yay


He ate the “best corner”


    EliteMavsFan3 FAX


    Dude went off, props to him


Chandler Jones is the DPOY.. Gilmore got burned so many times this yr

    Unknown Memes

    the Cards have a losing record impossible

    Jackson Giard

    One rough game is burned so many times?


    Shaq Barrett is DPOY

Riley Gilbert

underrated receiver

JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

Parker mad underrated

Yo Yo

Gilmore is overrated

    David Fernandez

    Yo Yo how he literally build his way up to where he’s at he just didn’t have the greatest game he’s been having his best seasons with the patriots since he first got in the team if you look at him back in the bills he wasn’t the best so he’s not overrated he just worked his way up to where he’s at rn and he is the best corner in the league


stephon gilmore? never heard of her

    Yo Yo

    I heard of a Stephen Gilmore but I heard he also loves to cheat to win

    Jackson Giard

    @Yo Yo corners job is to cover their man, regardless of playcalling and where it’s coming from. This is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen. Find another sport

    Donald J Trump

    @Yo Yo stfu

Hugh Jass

Bro all this talk of Gilmore being the best corner?
All I see is him actually being put up against a good wr for once

    Nate Franklin

    Chill bruh you must not know football gilmore is definitely the best but sometimes you have a bad game watch his film son

    Joshua Harriott

    Nate Franklin my guy there’s no way he has a bad game now in a critical game situation after all the game he has played he hasn’t had a bad game Parker just bullies him


    Did Parker do this in their 1st meeting? I mean it could be a bad day but if it was a repeat then yea

    Matt Francis

    He got burnt by Corey Davis last year as well, when the Titans beat the Patriots 34-10..

Unknown Memes

Gilmore:Nobody can beat me.
Parker:Hold my Tank.

skullman cheese

I thought he was the “best corner”

David Reimiller lll

Devante Parker is a top 5 receiver idc what anyone says he just made Gilmore look like a bum lmfao go fins

    David Reimiller lll

    @Jocky Rohnson facts thanks for making people understand that like damn he isn’t even good he gets burned so bad lol

    David Reimiller lll

    @Julio Parker is happy where he is at and were gonna be a good football team next year idt playoffs or superbowl but,better than this year cause Preston is a damn beast and all we need is a safty,rb,and a whole new oline that’s all man like were not that bad for basically a while rookie team we did good this season so I’m happy “go fins”

    Jeff Fort

    Actually according to stats he is top 5 for 2019

    C N

    @Julio He would probably garner less targets on a better team. See Jameis Winston leading the league in
    both yards and picks, game script dictates everything.

    Evan H.

    C N but take away those games that Rosen started

Norman Alvarez

What’s up with the weather, Looked like they were in South Florida…

Chris The Commentator

Soooo……we gonna act like we didn’t see Parker just rip Gilmore apart all day in that game?….


    I think we’re all acknowledging that, actually.

    Chris The Commentator

    Romain I was the 1st comment to say this on here….


    @Chris The Commentator too bad you weren’t though

    Chris The Commentator

    TheRonaldDragon um…., yeah sure let’s go with that….🤷🏽‍♂️

XX_Sauceboy brand

So happy he’s finally putting it all together consistently

Amen Knowtech

He should have Gilmore sign ”best corner” on the bottom of his cleats.

Calvin Roach

He’s unstoppable when he’s healthy. Nice job from the #502 native.


Solid improvement & finally meeting expectations! Parker is real, congrats to the young man & the entire team! Ready for draft #2020!!!

BrewTha Woo

He was always nice he just couldn’t put things together now he is and he is balling
Also he ate the best cornerback in football up

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