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Luke Puckett

Always gonna be a Ravens fan. Win or lose. No matter what happens 💜🤞

sad Ravens fan

I’ve never gotten this sad over a football game

    Daunting Task

    @mr coolc
    Yet last weekend when the Patriots lost you’d never been more happier over a football game ha ha ha

    mr coolc

    @Daunting Task STFU I really didn’t care if the Patriots won or not
    Your football team is probably doo doo.

    Bouche Caldwell

    Remember ab on the goal line td

    Millz Nathir

    Same 🤦🏿‍♂️

Jovhonte Jones

Last year out in the wildcard. This year out in the divisional round. Next year winning the AFC championship game and SB gotta stay on the mind in Baltimore. No hangover next season

    Connor Burke

    We have a chance to make some big splashes in free agency and the draft. Perfect position to draft one of the top receivers and get an edge in FA

    NO Dispatch

    Yea that’s sound true but I get tired of people expecting a lot I’m a ravens fan give Lamar some time he’s a inexperienced quarterback he really can’t handle that supper bowl presser

    NO Dispatch

    But what you said is true and I believe we can make that happen

Travon Watson

What he said bout quarter back?

    Beau Man

    Well have 8 as quarterback

Nate Dogg

Devastating loss!


It’s All Good Guys At least We In The Pro Bowl. LJ The MVP And Marcus Peters Got A New Contract


    SupremeDylan Marcus peters plays terrible when doesn’t have to prove nobody well good luck with him


    Jackson is still on his rookie deal and 2 years from now the Ravens have a 5th year option. They don’t have to sit with Jackson for new deal for another 3 years.

    Daunting Task

    Ohhhhh look out… the “Pro Bowl” lmao

    David Hernandez

    Lmao!!! pro bowls are pointless, means nothing anymore but just a bonus check to play flag football

Keeping It Real

Yesterday was the toughest ravens game I’ve even watched. The team just didn’t look prepared to play. Lamar didn’t have a great game but he played his heart out and it seemed like his recievers (except Hollywood) gave up on him. Time for them to learn from this and get better. See everyone next season.

    Verlyusis Guan

    Is like someone payed them just to be dropping the balls thrown smh

    Arlind Sadiku

    bruh, lamar had over 500 yards, he played his fucking heart out, it just seemed that he was alone out there except for hollywood

Gene Smith

I am now convinced that the NFL is rigged!


    Gene Smith so if the Ravens would have won that would have proven that the league isn’t rigged?

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    Daunting Task

    When the Patriots lost last week the NFL surely wasnt rigged then now was it lmao

    Bouche Caldwell

    @Verlyusis Guan they think we’re stupid and can’t see for ourselves. I say boycott the nfl due to rigged games. If they don’t respect us or the sport enough to cultivate its purity… F%&÷ em

    Verlyusis Guan

    @Daunting Task It is all played in the room before the actual game

Ypc Dro

Hollywood is our best wr we need good quality wr in free agency

    El - Amin

    He is our best, for now and right now, but I know we can add a bigger and and even better TRUE number 1 that Hollywood could compliment. Big bodied receivers like AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf are ideal and this team is still growing. Winning championships are not easy and they are well earned and deserved; the Ravens have TWO and can NEVER be taken away, even after a disappointing loss like last night.

    Keep ya collective heads up Ravens and get back to work for next season.

    You will get it done!

    mr coolc

    Devante Parker and or AB we need these guys to pair up with Hollywood

Lord Prime

So much potential this year!!! We got to get it all next year, we have too. WE HAVE TOO!

king shark

Still a good player, just experience away from great, …. what in the hell did you see to get turned and lose your guy for a huge td, is still got me wondering. O well, youth served us well, then we got served. We will have a few good runs at it, we shall return.

Josh Calbert

We abandoned our run game and what happen to Gus he breaks off a good run and never seen again


    That was so stupid. Gus had a great run like you said, next play was the int. Why not keep fucking running it!?

    Lenny Beason

    We panicked to early and didn’t trust what we do. But we can’t have that many drops.


    Its things in the run game that could have benefited both sides if Ravens are running the ball thats giving the ball back to titans that are experts at chewing clock.


    NFL is rigged man
    Ravens’ loss gives Las Vegas sportsbooks ‘biggest win’ of season
    It wasn’t in the NFL’s narrative for us to win a superbowl this year, it’s all about creating a story for them and helping vegas line their pockets

    Cherish Lady

    FabledAllele agreed

LuNeY AgOsTo

Wwwooooww…. You can’t be saying that about ur team in the first place… AND THEN TO STAND BY IT!?!?!?… not koo

King Berserk

We need to sign AB everyone been butter figures lately

    King Berserk

    Roger Arvizu I don’t know why people are trolling AB lately mans is actually a good player we need a big name receiver and if AB is on the table than I’m taking that shot


    We have his cousin, we don’t need that chump.

    King Cheech

    We need AB and Dez Bryant and we straight

    Ben Valenzuela

    We don’t need that in the locker room

    King Cheech

    Ben Valenzuela bruh the talent and goal would wash the negativity out of the way I feel like they would get along

Tyrone Savage

I’m avoiding twitter rn makes me sad looking at all the hate on our players

    Cherish Lady

    Tyrone Savage wys true colors coming out

Kentyvis Powell

He played hard that goal line stop on Henry it shows he can stop the run

Ulises Garzon

How tf does an all pro let a player who caught 3 passes during the whole season catch a 40 yd Td smfh

    Curly_hair_jay ///

    Ulises Garzon it’s Bc they were playing the run

Ryan M

He’s heartbroken


He gave up one of the hugest catches in the game ,he’s a great corner but lacks awareness to deep passes #RAVENSNATION still #1 just not making the Chip this year

Cherish Lady

We will be back THANK YOU GUYS FOR AN AMAZING SEASON! #L1C4 #RAVENnation #ActionJackPack

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