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Hamza Khatib

On to the next season

Keeping It Real

Yesterday was the toughest ravens game I’ve even watched. The team just didn’t look prepared to play. Lamar didn’t have a great game but he played his heart out and it seemed like his recievers (except Hollywood) gave up on him. Time for them to learn from this and get better. See everyone next season.


    Keeping It Real out defense wasn’t ready to play and mark Andrews being hurt didn’t help. Our receivers didn’t do much besides Hollywood, and we barely gave the ball edwards or hill I feel like it was bad play calling and Lamar can’t do everything himself

    Mikey D

    Seth Roberts and Willie Snead are terrible. They can’t be your two top receivers

anssi heiskala

Somebody spit on mee…whoo-hoo big baby

Marcellus Samir

2:13 yanda: 🙄

Hayden Leslie

Flock nation 🖤💜🖤

phlexxlugerr 1

my guy future HOF

Tye The Great

I hope he doesn’t retire

Jovhonte Jones

We will get our center back next year hope yanda comes back. Ingram, Hollywood, Andrews can get healthy fully.

Baron R

I feel for Yanda bro. If he leaves I’m gonna miss him. I love the OG relationship he had with Lamar.

Mr. Failure

Truly humbled

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