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i knew you would


We were out coached, out played on all 3 phases


    @Ronny Boy The titan came in with a game plan making lamar run laterally and took away middle and tight ends made lamar throw the out . That is were is need ti improve. We came in with same game plan to got us there no new wrinkles . HOPE THIS HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND HEHEHE Game planning is all on coaching

    Ronny Boy

    AMERICA FIRST I was talking about Special Teams. I don’t know what we did wrong or need to do better during the game yesterday…

    Lu Kim

    AMERICA FIRST umm there were a lot of plays made throughout the middle there zone was good but we beat ourselves 1 bad tipped and two bad judgments on Lamar with staying in the pocket to long and throw to Boykin Lamar came to play tho I guess our line couldn’t get that push on those conversions We lost but you can’t get outcoached if we’re literally giving the opponent the ball


    @Lu Kim Umm huh ok then


    @Ronny Boy sorry guy my season as a fan is over , waste of a no. 1 seed . Better luck next year. This ends my comments on Ravens till next year TAKE CARE RAVENS FLOCK

Renault Sylvestre

Next year Guys!!


Next time catch the ball Mark! Momentum changed after your ball got intercepted.


We were gonna score a touchdown but that missed catch turn in to a INT completely changed momentum of the game.

    Ligma_Testacles Murshed

    mr coolc If ravens could have put up more points the titans would have put 40 points on that defense but ravens couldn’t hang so titans ran the clock down instead of going for more points , Ravens offense couldn’t do crap the whole game 6 points heading into the 4Q with 12 pro bowlers 🤦‍♀️

    Lu Kim

    Ligma_Testacles Murshed dude you didn’t watch the game are you saying Tannehill played better then Lamar, no he did not they had a game plan that THEY STUCK TO unlike the Ravens which kinda fell apart with the ability to not convert and Titans capitalized off our mistakes lol they played almost Perfect they didn’t score every drive but we made them punt like 4 times and the first 3 and out but Ravens couldn’t execute, We lost

    Warren Shiflett

    @Ligma_Testacles Murshed Have you heard the saying “Any team can beat any team on given day”? A division second place 9 – 7 team doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs and the format needs to change. As an NFL fan, I would take Baltimore and Lamar over the Titans any day. Baltimore crushed Houston which won the AFC South and who beat the Titans in Tennessee which proves my point. Baltimore is a much better team. NFL fans will remember this year’s Baltimore team. If the Titans don’t make it to the Superbowl, they will be an afterthought. Go KC!

Dr Dede Orraca-Tetteh

What is wrong what is wrong with the Ravens why are they losing

king shark

Got humbled is all, we too young to be having long byes and shyt. We got learned up by a more veteran team , we shall return.

    Life Lessons

    Humbled is a great word to describe this.

    king shark

    @Life Lessons … yeah and young, these games have story lines, and well, seem the titans storyline is playing out now at the right time, a scrap heap veteran, takes over in Tennessee, with a bruising coming up on a contract rb, with a belichek protege in vabral getting it done as a coach.

    Just one of them things.

    Stuff With Nava

    Like the Chargers game.

Mr. Failure

Truly humbled

keith hunt

The Ravens played like they forgot that it was game day.

And that they had absolutely no ide, that the Titans was a physical team, just like they’re supposed to be.


Plain and simple, Titans came in and punched the Ravens in the mouth. Ravens could not generate a offense and could not stop Derrick Henry.

Mikey D

Catch the ball!


So many dropped balls, fumbled balls, interceptions. WTH happened? Titans offense was obvious but Ravens offense didn’t do any favors for itself to get back in the game. Only 3 field goals? Really?

Kaci Tucker

Ima ravens fan we’ll get em next year

    What about Rob?

    Sure you will!


    We have a ton of salary-cap next year and a very young team. We will be fine. Only one team can win the Superbowl.


Hit the jugs machine Mark.

OG uncle Flip

We woke up today and our butts are wide open we got ran through losers

    Kevin Kwok

    Derrick Henry is going away for the rest of his life for violent battery of the ravens defensive line

JT Young

Got beaten by a better team

Raven Gang

No excuses we got punch in the mouth


Outcoached and outplayed. Embarassing.

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

Those 3 weeks of rest BACK FIRED!!! Lamar and Hollywood were the ONLY players who showed up.. But Lamar proved he can pass to WR.. They will go 19-0 next year and be VICIOUS doing it

Michael Shankle

Get rid of him! Get rid of snead boyle( or keep him soley for blocking) you can get a better young te in draft. Who tf is seth roberts? Shoulda kept john brown

Mark andrews is like mark ingram and greg roman. Absent in big situations

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