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Gabriel Valles

Welcome to Big D!

Saad Syed

Legion of Boom coming to Dallas



    Jesse Sherman

    Asmodeus to be fair heath hits hard af without the coverage ability like chancellor. Xavier woods has grown to be quite good nothing like ET though Byron Jones is pretty lock down like Sherman without the interceptions. The LBs when healthy match up to Wagner, and I believe Wright was there. They are even better in certain things. The d line meh we have a week in week out D law who does have big games, but quiet ones to .


    Jesse Sherman to be fair, they’re nowhere close to the LOB

Dino Anthony

Another benefit of having richard on the staff 👍

Jackie Smith

The Defense has to show up and stop the run and the screen passes! Tank, Robert Quinn and Maliek we got to have it and Michael Bennett we have to show up and plz plz use Jordan Lewis we need a spy on Carson Wentz and PLZ Byron Jones no penalities, holding when you get beat, Chido plz turn around, we need take aways, X Woods we need you to take the ball away, we need the defensive Dogs to play this game, don’t stop foot on the gas continue to score til 0:00 on the scoreboard, put this game out of reach then let Cooper Rush finish the game. Dak we need you to help out hopefully you can do all you need to do in the 1st half, hopefully our O-line protects without you getting hurt any further so you can rest and be your best! Let’s Go Cowboys!!!!we need the WIN

    Alfonso Armendariz

    @Jim Mears u right on the money once woods came back u can see he’s a beast in middle u ain’t moving him and all of a sudden u can’t run on us


    The players are showing up, the scheme they are in is dogshit though, you have 2 linebackers in lve and Jaylon that are insanely good at blitzing and we have them covering receivers most of the game. Makes no sense

    Tru American


    Henry Hill

    Honestly you said everything I wanted to.

    johnny cray

    We need you in the locker room to give a pre-game speech.

Troy Mendes

Just out of curiosity, why was he not on a roster? We definitely need LB help. We have 3 with debilitating injuries- Nerves, Hamstring and Neck…

    The Squad Reactions and Challenges

    I think it was an injury


    Because he got released twice

RJ Gonzalez

Great signing!!!!! Can’t wait to see this guy take off!

Rafael V

Utility guy… need a lb not someone who gets in where they fit in

Craig Royce

For those of you wondering why he wasn’t on a roster it’s because of injury and 49ers we’re going thru a re build and needed the money so they cut him he’s been resting and staying in shape and I believe kris Richard will be able to get the best out of him



    Giffond Hall

    @southofheaven88 probably the same


    @southofheaven88 Jags? Maybe cause the GM is awful towards its players

Kevin James

Everybody wants to be a cowboy. Look at that smile. He’s home.

Preston Shahan

Malcom !!! Get in that wolf pack

Chase Dyer

Omg it’s Byron in LB form lmao

    Brother Teresa

    Chase Dyer lmfaooo

    Faheem Goree

    OMG 🤣🤣🤣

Jesus is beast 77



818 product baby!!!🤘

Lands End

Nice move Jerry Jones ..ugh can’t believe I just said that

James Tatum

He’s sexy😍😍

Therman Tank James

Put him in the rotation and let’s play some DC football! DC4L

Brad Pak

I played against this guy every year in high school. He played at our rival school. He was a beast then and I know he’s still got it

jermaine 86

I would of signed James Harrison to bolster the d-line….


Just bring it on the field Let’s Go Cowboys.

Layla Marie

Welcome to Dallas 🔵

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