Hangin’ with the Boys: Shouldering the Load | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Shouldering the Load | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Is Dak going to be good to go? Should he even try, given his injury? Can Rush get the job done? Then there’s that passer for the Eagles. How do they stop him? The boys talk quarterbacks for both teams.

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Jaylan Hulon

Go cowboys

Shakir Lateef



Lmaooo at 2:04

Morgan King reberson

I hop dak prescott gets better and go cowboys

harold jones


FLIPda IronSquid

Is kurt daniels related to Jeff daniels..cus he sho look like em

Humberto Jacquez

Eagles fans destroyed their own city when they won the super bowl

Louis Johnson

It seems to me Jesse, you and Nate get along just fine,! I don’t know what other people are seeing, all of Y’all seem to get along.


Why didnt the cowboys get Terrell Suggs? For LB

Louis Johnson

What defense did the Cowboys played, when we blew them out earlier in the season?

Louis Johnson

Hey guys, I get what your saying about ‘Woods’, but he did say put something positive on his situation from getting arrested, which is a negative thing. I feel he was speaking within that context. not what happens with practice or on the field. I think he use that game to get his mind right as it relate to football, and not getting arrested.

Donny Knepper

This is the best show. I still like those dudes on Talkin Cowboys, but these guys are the best

Louis Johnson

Jesse is absolutely right, our gifts is not for us, but others, that is 100.

Brett WB

I’m sure Dak is getting Cortisone shots into the shoulder. If it’s a sprain, it *should* be exponentially better by Sat.

Happy Socks Presents

Jesse Holly needs to be fired, I think he is trying to bully Nate and that doesn’t fly. You do not bully and smack talk a legend.


    Happy Socks Presents I like their back and forth personally

Ronald Richardson

Salute to Jess Jersey stand up peace!

Stonehall Studios

Feels like the week 17 Eagles game where they had to play Orton instead of Romo

walter vanderburg

This game would be the perfect game for our young d backs to prove they can play man

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