Mahomes, Kelce & Watkins React to AFC Championship Victory | The Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Giovanni Rodriguez

Let’s go chiefs

Carl Cameron



Cheifs all day

drew johnson

Love the chiefs man I have waited 14 years for this and my dad has waited 49

    Joshua Still

    That’s so cool. 38 for me. 7 for my son. Glad you can enjoy it with your dad.

    Football Productions

    16 for me, today was my bday, so I’ve been waiting 16 years. Great early birthday present

Patrick Mahomes


    Football Productions


    Jake Minder

    Yo is that the real Patrick Mahomes?

    Ryan Flanagan


    Football Productions

    @Jake Minder yes, Patrick mahomes has 0 subs

    Incognito Mosquito

    Mitch *Holthus

Rayvon OddBoy

Chiefs Kingdom Let’s Enjoy we deserve it….

Jill Shinn

Go CHIEFS, Go!!!

Aaron Ace - Official Greatness

💪🏾💪🏾 putting in work

Hunter Barnett

How bout those CHIEEEEEFS!?

Bryan S

I was 8 when we went last time, I’m 58 now. Brought tears to my eyes. GO CHIEEFFSS!!!!

    Mr Filo

    Same age as you. very very happy still not sure if this has set in were going to the Super Bowl.

techno girl

Chiefs Comeback Kings



Tim Medini

I’m so proud of the Chiefs and all of there accomplishments throughout the season. And for Andy!!!! Big win today .. one more game to finish off an amazing season. Thank you to All the players coaches and support staff for the KC Chiefs. Now let’s take Miami by storm.

11bang bang

My uncle was born on the opening game of the 1969. We’ve been waiting our whole lives.

Cheyenne Siems

Best comeback of the century ❤️💛❤️💛 let’s win this baby!!

the highlight

I’ve been waiting over 30 years for the Chiefs to make it to the SUPERBOWL!!! LETS GO CHIEFS!!!

Todd P

King Henry was de-crowned and moved from a throne to a bench.

    Matt Tallman

    He was demoted to court jester

Gary Crook

Awesome, the ’69 Super bowl is one of my all time favorite games.
Congrats to Andy Reid especially, no one deserves a trip to the Super bowl more.
A tip of the cap to the whole Kansas City organization, outstanding season,
bring home that Lombardi, cheers…. 👍😎

Linda Gilliam

I’ve waited 36 years for this…

Sean Hettenbach

10:40 “My final stat is 69” “69…” “…69″ To put that into to context… 69.”

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