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Bryan S

Can’t believe it, were going to the show. Not since I was 8 I’m 58 now. Unbelievable

    Willie Oliver

    Hey I was 9yrs old myself been waiting for a longtime myself

    American Sports Fan

    I was negative 32 years old. Lets go Chiefs

    andy paulocelli

    @Mr Filo chiefs fan since 90…30 years! Finally!

    Jack Wemply

    Lol. Damn

    Mr Filo

    @andy paulocelli Yes sir and one more win to go.

Isaiah Singleton

54:00 lol “ok im good see you later” πŸ‘€

Israel Jessop

Let’s go chiefs. On to Miami

Gabe Gardner

Jason kelce of the eagles won his super bowl now it is his little brother Travis kelces turn to win the super bowl

    Joshua Sellars

    With Patrick Mahomes in the game and his Defense is playing well Travis Kelce wouldn’t need to have 4 seasons of 1,000 yards.

    Malcom X

    Gabe Gardner Defense

    Ryan Flanagan


Jimmy Leveroni

Been a chief fan since I’m 8 I’m 59 hank stram days, great to see Bobby bell hand the trophy over. Go chiefs!

Mercy Long

Tennessee Titans fan here, congrats to advancing to the super bowl. You have my respect you earned it you deserve it. Congrats. I always cheer for whoever represents the AFC. GO CHIEFS!!

    Joe Marcus

    Truly great sportsmanship. My hat go off to u n the titans. God bless.

    Menace Clan

    This is a true enjoyment, to see this Conversation, and different fans exchanging kind words…
    Makes me see the beauty in American Sport, and the middle states….outside of New York and Cali, I’ve never really gotten to know anything about middle states..
    It’s soo beautiful to see how gentle and respectful y’all hopes of n Humanity literally…
    I’m French, born and raised.. and we always look at American Sports madness lik something a bit crazy… like when I watched the Clemson University ride to the hill of their stadium… I was like “WTF??!!” …
    and I just picked up to American Football like 5 months ago… I happened to stumble upon Mahomes video in the beginning of the season, and I started to support KC Chiefs…
    And in one season, I have witness the falling of a dynasty, the ride of a phenomenon, and the birth of beast QBs in Lamar Jackson & Deshauwn Watson…
    Looking back, I feel like I have lost 20 years of my adult life, not following NFL football..

    Troy Adamson

    @Menace Clan Glad that you are enjoying it and thanks for your support. Enjoy the Superbowl. This is going to be the best one in years.

    Lester Long

    I love Nashville great people . Great food much love

    Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack

    Hell of a team you guys got down there

Todd P

Chiefs fan. Born in 71. Can’t believe Chiefs are in a Super Bowl. πŸ™ Celebrating with a $20 cigar.

    Jacob Anderson

    heck yes brother


Great win Chiefs and Chiefs Fans. You guys deserve It. Maybe we’ll see each other again next Year and good luck in The SB.

    Scott Clark

    Your team has NOTHING to be ashamed of! Well fought, well played and well coached…. in the coming years you are going to be MAJOR Contenders!!!

    Michael Andersen

    Respect. I’m not bs’n at all, I was worried about yall since the beginning of the playoffs. Both are great teams.

Les Smith

The key for Kansas City winning the Super Bowl is simple…”Just keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys” 65 TOSS POWER TRAP!!!

    Les Smith

    @Shane Henderson Me too!

    Ken Madden

    Damn I kept saying that the whole second half. Lets just matriculate it down the field boys.

    RamblinroseDigger Winton

    Articulate. Great game!

    Kevin Prima

    I already see the Ghost of Hank Stram on the sideline in Miami saying that LOL

    Jack Wemply

    Matriculate means to enroll in college

Rodora Zuba

Woooohoooo !!! KC Chiefs… We’re going to the Superbowl LIV !!! I am one of the happiest !πŸ™‹ Thank you you so much KC Chiefs, Mahomes and each of our hardworking players, coaches Andy, Spags , Mr. Hunt, and y’all in general ! You truly deserve to be in the SB ! We’re in to win it !!!
Go KC Chiefs !!!πŸ™‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Lenny TheCool

The Chiefs TITAN-UP and punched their ticket to Miami.

Gorple Flungeman

30 years I’ve been waiting for this! Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tick Tock

    Craziness man. We’ve been through so much. 27 years a fan here. Finally

brain smasher

Patrick Mahomes is going to be the first $200 million quarterback. 😳

Jay Reisnek

My Chiefs won, and I spent the day with the love of my life watching it! Don’t get much better than that

David Kilbourn

Get ready, Chiefs Super Bowl Champs!! we readyy we ready


I’m not crying.. you’re crying πŸ₯Ί

Ullrich von Lichtenstein

Huge congrats Chiefs!!! You guys deserved it!
Love and greetings, from Berlin πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²


Eagles fan here, so glad for big red. He has done so much for my team Hopefully you guys will be lifting the Lombardi trophy in two weeks. ANDY times yours!!!

The Gully Farm

Marty once said β€œdon’t set a goal that is below your potential”

The west is never enough!

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