Mack Lee Hill Award Winner, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Reflects on 2020 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ben Staggs Reply


THE Devil GAMING Reply

Yessir first

Alexander Pomeroy Reply


Duff Frame Reply

Chiefs kingdom

KC Cast Reply

Win lose or tie, im with my chiefs until I die

    Deci Reply

    yessir, lets come back next season

    Minnesota Momma Reply

    Me too, love the Chiefs, They had a terrific season. They lost the SB, but it will only make them stronger and it doesn’t change my respect or support a bit. I think of all the players in the NFL who never even make it to a Playoff game, little alone a SB. Go Chiefs!

    Deci Reply

    @Minnesota Momma great aspiration. i also know my qb can throw a ball 30 yards sideways so hes still my qb.

David F Reply

Congratulations Clyde Edward. Thank you for loving the Chiefs Kingdom. Thank you for your dedication to the city of Kansas City. Thank you for being a great teamate. I’m happy to hear about your little sister getting through the season with you healthy. Be safe. We all look forward to seeing you and your guy’s this fall get back at it.

Yhung Mo Reply

Touchdown!!!!!! CEH

Concrete Reply

Congrats CEH!!!👏👏👏

Nicolas Nick Reply

best rb for years to come

Ben Allmon Reply

Him and the Williams are gonna be monsters next year. Will really open up the long pass game for us again. I already got his jersey, got in after his 1st game, and am excited to wear it for years. Get em CEH. Chiefs Kingdom loves you my man.

    Xijoxa Reply

    espacially with a good o-line they will be a hopefully a combo like Hunt&chubb this seadon


Awesome Rookie year i feel CEH will be a beast next year .


Lev Bell wasted the second half of Clyde’s season and honestly i feel like he hurt the balance of our offense. In his second season with the full focus on him and OTAs and training camp i think he’s going to explode for an easy Pro Bowl year!

JLK Reply

CEH is a great young man. I hope he stays in KC and continues to be humble and work hard.

Andrea Shinault Reply


Lisa Arcemont Reply

Congratulations Clyde!

Fetty Wap Reply

Im A Die Hard Raiders Fan But I Mean A Chiefs Fan Too

Malcom X Reply

Agreed! Get that OL right in Jesus Name

Minnesota Momma Reply

Love the Chiefs….

kc bh Reply

I have a football autographed by Mack Lee Hill. Clyde, hit me up. It would make a great addition to your trophy case.

kiltmanm60 Reply

What a blessing to us all in the greater part of Kansas City Missouri!!! Even those dirty yankee jayhawkers might realize how lucky we are to have Clyde playing for us!!

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