THROWBACK: Greg Olsen gives first interview as Carolina Panther – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gregory Campbell Reply


panthers world Reply

We shall see about the interview

Cody Pearsall Reply

Imma miss you Greg

Dillon Byrd Reply


Just Josh Reply


Venom Snipzze Reply

First plz respond I’m a diehard fan I actually cry when you lose

    Gregory Campbell Reply

    You weren’t first actually I was but I’m a diehard as well.

    Venom Snipzze Reply

    @Gregory Campbell we tied

Jocelyn Price Reply


Jack Smiley Reply

Gonna miss seeing this guy play on sundays #beast

MrJaythe6 Reply

Wish your body would allow you to keep playing 😥

Car Washes of The Carolina’s Reply

Ok this is cool but hurry up and make a new stadium like sofi or alligent

    Percy Jackson Reply

    Have you went to BOA stadium? It is a really good stadium i like it

    Austin Cadle Reply

    Bank of America is a awesome stadium I like it a lot give it time we will have one but give it time

    Car Washes of The Carolina’s Reply

    @Percy Jackson it’s old I want a modern stadium like the one in LA or Las Vegas or Miami or NRG or US bank

Yoboiijohn_ SlickJay Reply

We should hire Luke as the defense coach, Greg as the tight end coach, and Steve as the wide receiver coach for this next season

    Statistic Junkie Reply

    No Greg’s gonna be an a sports announcer for fox but kuechlys been working with the panthers as a scout 👍

Underground Wes Reply

I remember being at the Panthers game in Seattle when we beat the Seahawks in 2015. As the game was almost over Cam threw a bomb to Greg in the end zone and we won!! I felt so proud to be a Panthers fan at that moment, it was amazing!! Thank you Greg, you are a true Panthers GOAT!!

Kenneth Flowers Reply

Welcome back Greg!! Back home where you belong!!

jorge reyna Reply

My guy G-reg and his 3rd leg

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