LSU’s Joe Brady Hired As Carolina Panthers New Offensive Coordinator – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Thomas York III

Great hire


Here first before this blows up!


    Me to

r m

I’m excited about Joe Brady and Matt Rhule.

    Jacob Summers

    r m same

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Same here and hey they even might help Grier and Allen play better if Cam gets injured again which i dont want


    Finley Jeanbatiste Cam is gone unless they can’t find someone to take him

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    @Clthurm true

    r m

    Our offensive line should be priority #1. No QB will be successful behind that garbage we had last year. What I noticed watching the Lsu Clemson game was that Clemson’s offensive line had too many gaps…they were getting to Lawrence too easily. Joe Brady created a system that had a literal wall around Joe Burrow and Clemson could hardly get to him. If you give even the worst NFL QB enough time, they will pick any defense apart. I also would like the Panthers to draft another RB like dobbins or LSU’s Rb as a complimentary piece and to take pressure off of McCaffrey….if they’re there by the second pick. Now that kuechly is gone, Isiah Simmons from Clemson could be a good pick at 7. Or give the Bengals a whole bunch for BURROW. If Tua was healthy he might be a good risky pick. Damn, we need a lot of positions

Eric Sr

Something to look fwd to next season (more excitement )

Adam Wathen

As a fan im happy for this upcoming season


    Adam Wathen Be excited please. But also keep expectations in check. It could be 1 or 2 seasons before the Panthers are contenders. Respect the process.

    Adam Wathen

    @TheLoneGamr if they keep cam i think they can do stuff this year

BV Lee

Tepper > Richardson

Keep pounding…

    Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

    Richest owner in the league can basically pay anyone he wants, huge perk

    BV Lee

    Pressley – the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum , he’s got more common sense than many of these other owners as well. Things are looking up..


We are building something special. We have to be patient. 3 years of mediocracy max. Get ready because we are coming back

    Highlight Real


Aaron Smith

Im still crying over Luuuuuke, tho :/

    Ruth Skywalker

    me too, at least this is a great start towards next season

    Terrence Tate

    Don’t worry its up to shaq Thompson now

    Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

    Yeah.. I thought we’d have another 10 years with Luuuke, but oh well

    R3QUI3M 935

    We’ll get another one that’s like him

Promis QS Panda

Let’s gooo!!! I hope you innovate and bring back some much needed energy into this offense.

Z ollin

Ready for the season


This is a whole new franchise, for the better I think

Sheev Bac

The deep ball returns to Carolina!! Long have I waited…



    Padan Fain

    He’s gone. A new era about to begin.

    Anthony Henderson

    @Padan Fain new era doesn’t mean trade your MVP QB

    Padan Fain

    @Anthony Henderson Hasn’t been healthy in over 4 years. Never will be again. He’s no MVP anymore. Trade him.

    Anthony Henderson

    @Padan Fain really he hasn’t been healthy two not 4


Rhule and Brady.. should be an awesome combo! … Keep Pounding!

Zak Wilkerson

Welcome Coach Brady and Keep Pounding!

Padan Fain

He’s going to mold Kyle Allen into a champion.

    Colin O'Meara

    We’re drafting a quarterback with our first pick this year. Kyle Allen is a solid back up at best

    Padan Fain

    @Colin O’Meara Nah 1st pick will be either DT Derrick Brown or S Isaiah Simmons


Love me some Joe Brady. We will miss you. With that being said, WHO DAT!

Will Britt

ok now this is promising, but when I saw joe b I thought we were recruiting joe burrow lmao

Daddy Devito

I’m scared for McCaffrey from a fantasy football perspective


As an LSU fan – I hate this guy for leaving my Tigers.

As a Carolina fan – I’m glad I didn’t completely lose him. Geaux Panthers!

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