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Please hire Kuechly as a coach.


    Yes to this, I can’t imagine the Panthers without Luke😭

    Zach Stephens

    Every Panthers fan thinks every ex player should be a coach.


    @UnNuclear lol you goof. Not a lot of teams have Asst. Linebackers coaches.

    Greg Blevins

    Just because a player is a great player doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a great coach. I mean if that were the case look at Joe Montana is he a coach? Look at Lawrence Taylor..Emmit Smith..Steve Young..Peyton Manning… the list goes on they never become coaches. Just saying.

    Donna Day

    Welcome to Carolina
    #KeepPounding #CP4L


Fresh young coaches I love it.

    Unknown Memes

    who wouldn’t?



    _ PЦПᄃΉ

    I’m not against it ! This is what rebuilding looks like ! #luke4LBcoach


All people want to know is about Cam & the man aint even Healthy yet…. how can the coaches even speak to his situation yet people they honestly don’t know🤦🏿‍♂️


    @Ajordan35 thats what he wants attention just ignore Kyle Clausen 🤣

    Rook Bridges

    Kyle Abbott ur a goof for wanting to tank


    If anything they need to keep Cam to help Joe and this offense transition to the NFL. All of these ding bot “fans” talk about trading up and tanking for whoever next season. Man I got too much pride as a fan to be accepting losing and I believe a veteran Cam can help us win some and be competitive until we reach the mountain top so be it.

    _ PЦПᄃΉ

    Look I was all bout moving on from cam but now with the coach changes and the fresh college coaches I say we stick it out with cam he’s really fitting into these new guys style of coaching! Also it time for a head coach from college to have success in the nfl ! Cam will really help with that

Jamaal Noland

Seems like a great guy welcome to the panthers Joe

Javen T

Same age as Cam, let that sink in.

    Padan Fain

    Well Cam is not very young

    _ PЦПᄃΉ

    Brady admitted hesa good coach …

    Knight *


    Rodrigo Grimaldo

    Padan Fain he’s young for a coach though



AReallySmallBaby FkNO

i’m liking the decision… let’s see what happens.

logan padilla

We will miss LSU good offense

Code Hyper

Joe Brady and Luke Kuechly at coordinators would be OP

    Seahawk Beats and Games

    Rico HNDRXX minshews good tho

    W V

    How do you know Kuechly would make a good coach? He’s never coached in his life wth

    Super Panther

    W V yeah he has in a few games on the sideline smh dude stay in the film room what the hell you talking about smh

    N A

    W V wtf you talking about he literally called out exactly what the offense was doing coaching the defense on where the play was gonna go

    W V

    N A dude that’s not coaching

Erik Holden

I did the same thing back in elementary school. I would make it look like I’m taking notes but in reality I was drawing up plays in my notebook

    Christian Coffield

    I did it in high school

    PJ Thornton

    I did it in high school too😂


As an LSU fan I’m sad to see him go but I’m glad he is taking steps to a bright future

    Kendrick McMichael

    LSUFAN101 congratulations on y’all championship good luck


    Kendrick McMichael thank you man best of luck to the panthers joe Brady is a great hire

    Bankroll Guwop

    As an LSU fan and panthers fan I’m happy

Cory MacLean

59 likes right now…. hurts. Too soon.

David Holt

He said exactly what I wanted to hear ” what worked today might not work tomorrow” that was Ron and cos biggest downfall..couldnt adapt and evolve.

    Kenneth Dawson

    I understand but disagree. In fact, I question the change to a 3-4 defense. That was a radical and a big failure. Injuries have ruined promising seasons. Both Kyke and Luke suffered concussions in 2016. In 2017, they lost only two games to the league except for NO who beat them 3X. including a controversial playoff game. Next year. they start out 6-2, then Cam was badly injured in the Pittsburg game. The following year he suffered his foot injury. I believe there were 5 Panthers on IR at season’s end. My question is what role does coaching have in injuries? Is it offensive line schemes?


    @Kenneth Dawson Thank you for the perspective. I tell people all the time injuries killed us. The last 2-3 years we’ve have the the highest or one of the highest IR numbers


I know you’re not talking specifics right now butttt “specifics”??? C’mon people!

Rex Smith

The media continues to suck. Look, we get it, you want Cam traded. He might get traded, might not. Personally, I’m for keeping him, but that’s not my decision. Either way Brady is the OC not the GM. He told you he’s not in charge of personnel. Please stop trolling by asking the same damn question. Brady is 30, get over it. No, he’s not going to tell you the intimate details of his contract. CLT media continues to be awful. P.S. Reporters, you look bad caught on a hot mic griping after.

    Christian Coffield

    Jourdan Rodrigue asked about his contract details that’s none of her business that personal

Brisn Doty

young sharp coaches that want to build a tough smart team …im all in with these guys . give Cam a chance to get healthy and see what he can do ..draft or hire a strong O line and give who ever is at QB a chance to shine ..and for god sake someone back a dumptruck load of money up to CMC’s house and pay that boy cause he is gonna be the player to build around .

Sonja Thomas

Joe Brady sure does say ‘Look’ a lot. Lol 🤣 Habit I guess. Anyway, I like his attitude. I sure hope my Cammy gets to prove himself again in Carolina this upcoming season. Keeping my fingers crossed, hopes up, and prayers up.🙏🏽🙌🏽


— we need change. Won our Division 3X straight then suddenly we fell to the bottom of the league consistently. Like what I see.

matt milostan

Ok first question…. “When will you graduate high school”

Knight *

He looks like a genius I would want to hire for a bank heist on Grand Theft Auto

    M Realzola


    First Name Last Name

    he does lmao

Jaggamo Entertainment

Joe Brady: Im gonna stay with LSU as long as they need me
Also Joe Brady: Panthers are kind of like tigers if you think about it…

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