Locker room reacts to loss at Indianapolis – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Adam Martin

We’re at number 8 in the draft order at least.


    Sounds familiar

    Hu Flung Dung

    It will be wasted away

    Adam Martin

    @Hu Flung Dung why do you say that?


Jalen Hurts is coming to town

    B. Evans

    Bravical Fumble King

    Jerrick Cole

    That one of my Christmas list.

big dick bandit

Thank you Boston. Respect

B. Evans

Every single player is saying “something” and not saying anything at the same time. Does anybody know who they’re referring to bc clearly someONE has pissed them all off.


I’m to see christan and tre still have a fighting spirit and someone get rid of that clown vernon butler we don’t need that kind of fighting spirit.

Ernestino Rodriguez

😐 we look like clowns


So much leadership is sapped outta the locker room with both TD and Cam being gone. TD held mofos accountable. His lost especially is understated.

    Donna B

    Miss my DAWG

    Edward Lynch

    Exactly. And cam was the rally voice. The energy. He even motivated josh norman to have an all pro year.

Din0Fry Lol

We need a offensive line

    dennis grady


William Aaron Berry III

The attitude!

John Williams

Drafting a QB or nah?

    Adam Martin

    I think cam is coming back next year.

The Watcher

Tepper needs to restart. DJackson is a joke. Ron Rivera was always too conservative for me and bringing in nerve even through fuel on the Fire I need to reset a GM own down

Teddy Swagger

Preach CMAC! We too talented, on both sides of the ball, to be this bad! #NoExcuses #TreBoston #WeMissYouRon #KeepPounding


We have leaders on the team but lost Our Vocal Leadership with Cam & TD 🤦🏿‍♂️

eva Stilldreams

Growing pains, a lot of the older guys left last year etc. change in leadership, change in quarterbacks, they are trying to figure what’s working and what’s not, it’s frustrating to the fans and the players like Christian who regardless of the score and how far behind we are continue to play hard until the last minute, I believe it will get better nothing happens overnight

Ilan Hadary

Should’ve waited to fire Ron till the offseason. Killed the room

Hunna Gmgb

They miss cam 😫


B. Evans was right. They all say something without saying anything at all. N I’m panther nation all day, but I don’t understand fans asking to draft a QB.
1) we have one named Cam Newton(he’s still a Panther)
2) with our OLine, a rookie QB isn’t an answer no matter who it is!
I do believe the defense has dwindled since TD left…man we’re hurtin

Football Lp

Start Cam Newton
Draft Justin Herbet

Spooky Rabbit

Things changed when Eric Reid got signed. Cam was concerned with it being a distraction in the Amazon series… he was right to be

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