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    Jack Kearl

    dallashood67 you got that from that’s good sports


    Jack Kearl lol no from Reddit, which is where they got it from.






please god – end my suffering .life-long lions fan

    Soaring Hawk

    Boom boomboom another one bites the dust……


    @Allen Saunders Yup….life long Michigander….been rooting for the Seashawks now for about a decade. It’st fun to cheer for a team that actually makes the playoffs and competes for Super Bowls

    Andre The Giant

    @John Ruybal lol your a denver broncos fan stfu 😂 edit: thanks for handing us that L tho now we got the 3rd pick in draft like i wanted

    Michael Hawkins

    All the Lions fans still stuck in 2011

JB ninja 10

The future lookin bright with lock

    public neusance

    @Bleeding Silence D E F E N S E

    Myst1c L3g3nd

    @Tyler Thacker well the broncos defense can hold a team back from scoring

    David Fhth

    @Myst1c L3g3nd imagine thinking the donkeys are going anywhere with Elway as general manager. Hah

    Evan From heaven

    David Fhth I’m like 99% sure this is his last season

Daniel Huff

Sooooo bad

Nehemiah Howard

All the teams we needed to lose these last 3 weeks are losing and we couldnt beat the chiefs in the snow😦

    Jarret Rausch

    Nehemiah Howard I was at that game. Y’all probably should’ve decided to score more than 3… that’s your problem


    Jarret Rausch – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who’s gonna take the crown in the AFC WEST Division next season, as the Denver Broncos are finally moving in the right direction with a gang of new but experienced football talent in Sutton, Lock, Patrick, Fant, Lindsay, Hamilton and Freeman. And that’s not even half of it, because almost half of our team(all starters) will be returning healthy and at full strength next year. I’m talking offense and defense. Next season the Denver Broncos will be “the team to beat in the afc west”. KC who??

    Cameron Luer

    @Jarret Rausch I know chief fans don’t know football.

    Bleeding Silence

    @EightiesMusiqLover 100% dead wrong. As long as Mahomes is QB the Chiefs will be the Patriots of the AFC West and the defacto division winner every season.

Savage Savant

Anyone with eyes could see that Golladay caught the ball – He got screwed on that play.

– An amazing catch at that.


    Who cares, it’s just 1 play. It’s not like they really had a chance to win the game even if they reversed the call…


    These type of calls has been typical all season for lions fans…


    @Savage Savant No it wasnt.. the ball grazed the ground. Excellent call. No catch.

    Kenchiro Kenchiro

    its hard to change the ruling on the field because the ball did touch the ground…

    corban Starkey

    @WeFreestyleForever I looked at it on .25 speed the only thing that touched the ground was his fingers that was a catch

Sam Home

Hey NFL, why dont you make a highlight reel of all the blown calls against Detroit?

    Colorado Man

    Detroit, as a city, sucks enough. That should be enough XD

    Liam Brooks

    @tarsakh Don’t know why I just watched it before bed but now I’m gonna have recurring nightmares of these plays. Thanks


    We had the same thing this year we lost 4 good games to blown calls this year and year that was a huge blown call on you guys today.

    Cameron Luer

    Every team gets blown calls snowflake


Good game but that call was awful at the end


    @J White look at the slowmo replay and you can actually see galladays fingers depressing into the ground and clear line of sight of the ball not touching the ground.


    @J White you can also see him rolling the ball up into his right hand but the ball never touched the ground. IDK from a different angle cause they only show one. So who knows with the refs

    Papito Diaz

    ThomasMac30 refs hate the lions this year

    Champ Solo

    @Adhy Nugroho it was awful he clearly caught that. NFL has some trash refs


    Dammien Woolsey he walked those statements he made during that on the spot TMZ interview back, can almost guarantee he’s coming out since he’s a lock to go top 2

The Gamer2002

I’m a Broncos fan, but I’m even going to admit that was such a horrible call by the referees. They even reviewed it SMH 🤦‍♂️


    No it wasnt.. the ball grazed the ground. Excellent call. No catch.

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @Blueblade13 it was actually very obvious

    Andre The Giant

    Lol thats the life of a lions fan brotha. Happens more often than you know.

    Andre The Giant

    @Blueblade13 nah his hand was underneath the ball. Never touched the ground i watched the replay over 10 times

    AJ Garcia

    I thought it was a bad call but was happy that it helped Lindsay get over 100. I was furious when he had 92, it was likely their last drive, and they had freeman in.

The Birds My Word

Von Miller gets held almost every rush… Is it just me? Also there was an illegal block in the back on that punt return that wasn’t called.

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    Yes, its not just you he gets held nearly every play!

    Massive Largie

    It’s just because my lions suck so bad that we can’t even fairly lose

    Slightly Above Average

    @Massive Largie it isn’t just you, every. Damn. Week. He’s held like a sparkler on the 4th of July. The refs do absolutely nothing about it. I compare it to Brady getting all the BS calls but opposite just because Miller is on defense.

    KidDreamer14 Nathaniel

    No wonder why he’s not getting much sacks 🙁

    Klaus Klaus

    KidDreamer14 Nathaniel also like the offside calls against von? In the game against houston Von has one of the most perfectly jump right on the snap, sacked watson and they call it offside… bs…hate it that he gets hold so often

Cristian Dominguez

I’m a broncos fan and to see a great catch by the receiver at the end and not get marked as a catch is sad to see what the NFL has become

    Brian S

    Become? Been like this for years for the Lions.

    Cristian Dominguez

    Brain S

    Dan Fen

    I can’t stand to watch any more. Bad enough the owners don’t choose to field a complete team. But they get great players like Barry and Stafford and many others and never have a complete team so it’s either no defensive line or no offensive line or only the run game like in Barry’s day. They wasted such great talent and it’s the same today with Stafford. Too weak a line means 18 sacks, too many sacks plus all the times he stand in there and gets clobbered. Will sooner or later he’s out. Who knows what will happen with him. Same old Lions and I still wore my hoodie and cap today. Old habits.

    Cristian Dominguez

    @Brain S so sad what the NFL has become

    Pamela Morrell

    @Brian S .


Now let’s kick Oakland out of the playoffs for good.

    Ibraheem Rao

    Just wondering do you think flacco could played allot better this season if the offensive line wasn’t so terrible because the offense scnagerello runs is the same one that Flacco ran under Gary kubiak in 2014.


    Ibraheem Rao – That’s a wonder that will probably never come to fruition. I’m glad that things worked out exactly the way they did, because now we have a true gunslinging young franchise QB in Drew Lock. He is Denver’s golden ticket now and will be for many years to come👍🏽👍🏽.

    Klaus Klaus

    Ibraheem Rao lock plays better under an even wors o line. Flacco is an unmobile statue. This o line lost 3 starter and lock lets them look good

    Bleeding Silence

    @EightiesMusiqLover Lock is trash. Dont know why your wanking him, at best hell always be 2nd best in the division, behind the GOAT Mahomes and will give the Chiefs close games that he always comes up short in. Basically Rivers 2.0

    Odd profile picture

    @EightiesMusiqLover we need Jerry juede

O’ Doyle

I used to think it was fans complaining but the nfl/referees really do have it out for Detroit…😵

    Colorado Man

    I wouldn’t wanna be from a city with the highest poverty rate in America. No matter the refs hate you guys so much XD

    Robert Rowland

    @Colorado Man A very educated and thought out response that literally has nothing to do with football.


    Poor Trey Flowers got called for 2 phantom penalties and now they ripped Golladay of a great highlight reel catch.

    Josh Jacquez

    O’ Doyle It ain’t even just Detroit the NFL referees just suck ASSSSS

Ibraheem Rao

Matt Patricia a.k.a. Matt paTRASHA.

    Khalil Scott

    Agreed he gotta go

    Ibraheem Rao

    @Khalil Scott but you know they’re bringing him and Bob Quinn back.

Mr. Grim 501st

As a broncos fan i dont know what it is that the refs have against the lions. That was a horrible call at the end for the lions. Seriously i feel for you lions fans over the years there has been some outrageously bad calls against you guys its not even funny

    Bleeding Silence

    What if Mahomes played for the Lions.

    Low Tier Trash

    Who cares?
    We have nothing to play for.
    We just want Chase Young.

    Chris Roulo

    When a team is as historically bad as my lions are yeah they get no benefit of the doubt from refs everything is their fault even if its not

    Cory Scherer

    I dont think it wouldve changed the outcome. But it was a bad call.

Sean Hannah

No fun league sucks. I used to enjoy watching the games. A big lions fan, but after countless games they’ve cost us its not worth the energy anymore :/

    Cameron Luer

    BIG lions fan is a understatement…

    Champ Solo

    Yeah should’ve beat the chiefs and packers.


The announcers were even in disbelief. It’s not like the lions were even gonna win but the refs still screw them regardless. And then the lions will get another half assed apology saying it was the wrong call.

    Cameron Luer

    This moron thinks the announcers know what they are talking about 🤦‍♂️

Drew Peterson

Yea yea, Lions getting screwed by officiating, that’s nothing new. Let’s talk about Drew Lock though


I used to believe the NFL Referees used to just sometimes make mistakes but now with reviews making the exact same mistakes I realize the NFL works with Vegas to cover or not depending on games. NFL is not as random as we are led to believe.

    Cameron Luer

    Why because the idiot announcers told you sheep it was a catch?


    @Cameron Luer Wait, you say it wasn’t a catch???? lmao


Anyone who says that the NFL/Refs don’t have a bias against Detroit won’t be taken seriously anymore.

    Ryan Fraser

    Lol the touchdown kick return and goal line touchdown were both gifted to the Lions by the refs. I can count at least 4 illegal blocks on the return.

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