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Julian Shipp Jr

I hope we draft Kenneth Murray he’s a beast

    Nate The Great

    king shark Ravens need another speedster like Brown to make the offense even more explosive, but they definitely need a ton of speed on pass rush and a great LB!

    king shark

    @Nate The Great …. then you mean, we need a hard body speed guy, like a debo samuel that can be far more physical than brown.

    Matts Algoone

    Don’t forget like 2 linemen

    king shark

    @Nightmare Kilo … then you agree to a certain point, they defense was bad, granted he was a bright light in it.

    Hmmmm, not knocking him I hope, but with what we did with bynes and forte, and getting them non expensive deals is there, plus we got otaro from last yr who need to get put on.

    I hope he gets to a team that could really use him and not in our division, lol.

Judah Smith

Hello ravens is awesome!


I thought Peanut was gonna be a great player this year I was highly disappointed

    king shark

    Naaaah, he is a baller, wink idea of him being a middle linebacker didn’t pan out, he a rover outside guy, that when they moved him back, showed up.


    king shark I noticed that especially during the patriots game but he still wasn’t what I expected

    king shark

    @Isaiah50 … well I’ll say this, we need to keep him, and not throw him away, as we did with carrera to Tennessee, and he come back to dam near single handedly knock us out the playoffs. Like Carrera did.

    Dam, we be letting talent just walk out the door and they just blow up in other places. Time to keep and pay guys.

    Matts Algoone

    I was thinking the same like dude I would had kept him and got rid of worm … he is 70 at best


When ur so early and their are no comment

king shark

Oooo wait, we gotta see what yanda does, hell we might have to find a new right guard. We lose yanda we gotta take the best rated guard on the board.

    Stephen Driver

    I agree cuz we breed linebackers…gotta draft high for lineman

    Urkel DiCaprio

    king shark nah we don’t need a guard man. Matt Skura will be back next year so Pat Mekari can replace Yanda. Mekari did really really good for us and guard is his natural position, even though he did have a few mistakes at Center he did really well. Just add depth we don’t need to draft the best guard on the board that’ll be a reach and an emotional pick. Front 7 players and Receivers are at the top of the list.

    king shark

    @Urkel DiCaprio …. sounds good, but you lose a hall of Famer, you gotta get emotional and find high grade talent, and not just a guy who did ok.

    O line drafting is hit and miss, Orlando brown jr combine spelled bust, but he a pro bowler, ben powers rated good, and he couldn’t snatch that left guard spot.

    O line gotta get right and fast, contracts coming up and only another yr or so with a rookie qb contract.

    We on the clock.

    king shark

    @Stephen Driver … yeah we hit on linebackers, hell even one we let go, busted us up in the playoffs, in Correa. We should have kept him. Dang.

Spiritual Dub

We might get one in the 2nd or 3rd , i see us taking a pass rusher in the first !

    Bodymore Dummy

    Spiritual Dub it’s a lot more pass rushers than MLB’s it’s only 3 top tier LB’s Simmons’Queen’Murray so I could see Ravens getting one of them cause they can always get an edge player later like Weaver

    Spiritual Dub

    Bodymore Dummy well thx for telling btw I see u everywhere I really like that support u give !

    Bodymore Dummy

    Spiritual Dub lmao 🤣 I be in all the Ravens comments

    Spiritual Dub

    Bodymore Dummy Lol Yea !

Brandon Leonard

Need a MLB get him in the first round !


Got to stop the run would like to see the best mlb they got

Sam Dath

Who do we need go ravens


Gotta be LB… I ain’t living in the past, but imagine this season if Mosley and Smith didn’t leave


    We need Pass Rush

    Josey Wales

    They will just let them walk like they did those two

    Dreams NVA

    We probably would have went undefeated and actually went to the super bowl


    @Dreams NVA fax!

Ben Hill

Joe Bachie!!!!!

Kai Sommers

I see us going Wr in first round, and getting some pass rushers in FA

    GamingBros XL

    Kai Sommers, nah I see wr in the second round. LB and pass rush needs to address in the first round. I believe with such a deep wr class. Someone will fall to us in the second round. There is one player jalen reagor I think could really help us that is rated in the second round. But a lot of the decent LB and pass rush are gone before our second round pick. And if yanda leaves thent hat leaves another position to focus on. O-line and pass rush is a scarce thing in the league. There’s a reason teams pay so much for pass rush help.

D 3

I wish we could get Isaiah Simmons. He played DE, OLB, MLB, and Safety this year for Clemson…(imagine the things that Wink could do with him!!!!)


Ravens 2021 Superbowl!!! #Ravensflock

Dustin Platt

Well. Bye bye Jimmy Smith. Bye bye Judon. Bye bye Brandon Carr. Bye bye Tony Jefferson.

This defense is going to look really different next year.


    We need to keep jimmy smith that’s it we need 3 solid corners for nickel packages

    Dustin Platt

    @DeeJayALion Nah. Jimmy’s not worth the cap hit. Dude hasn’t played a full season in years.


we have to keep judon

Good Dinope

I love you Kobe‼️


We should’ve paid C.J. 😢😢

Patrick Parafianowicz


Tim Johnson

Isaiah Simmons would be the perfect choice to me

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