Florida Ravens Are ‘Sick’ During Super Bowl Week | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hawk 490

Fun Fact everyone in this comment section has the same amount of playoff wins as Lamar Jackson 😂 maybe we could be more clutch

    D 3


    Bad Boi Brady

    You got the whole sqaud laughing bro

    Andrew O'Connor

    Fun fact, lamar made more in contract than u made your entire life plus your kids😂


Ahh I thought you meant a lot of them were sick. Good thing they’re not

king shark

Snead thinking, they gave my targets to Andrews. Lol .. I can only imagine what chris Moore is thinking with just 3 catches for 21 yards is thinking, they were our best receivers heading into the season.

Got schemed all the way out the game plan. Ouch.

    Lu Kim

    king shark it must be something we’re not seeing that they are in practice although Andrews has developed really good and used him more, yes he had that terrible miscue and one drop but as that top guy besides Hollywood I wasn’t that disappointed at his performance with that being said I still believe Snead can be a weapon but these guys have to start making things happen because when plays get broken down they are really looking to extend it, that’s why we use more tightends invade Lamar runs its better blocking our tightends open the field our receivers just need more concepts but it’s hard to keep them on there toes when we’re running so good but I like Snead he’s not greedy and makes tough catches he was just caught slipping last game but that’s no excuse you gotta be ready especially if that ball hits ur hands

    king shark

    @Lu Kim … feel you, just wild tho, how alot of people think we need more receivers, when our organizational decisions and schemes pretty much messes over the reciever position.

    We draft wr in the 2016 class, then brought in vets and that didn’t work out and our drafted talent never was able to develop. From moore, scott, and the guy we released in camp.

    My thing, we bring in a receiver and if he isnt Lamar go to guy, he then sucks, if he is and take catches from brown, now we thinking brown sucks.

    Just our current scheme isnt a wr hot spot as we see in our leading yards receiver is a tight end.

    But, we shall see what next season bring, I’m expecting a 4k air season from Lamar, the catch teams off guard era is over, our division will be better and it’s going to take more than we did last yr to win. N we have the talent to level our scheme up.

    We shall see.

ryan damon



Thought the Ravens got hit with that virus or something ya’ll chill with the titles

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