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Linebacker Bobby Wagner Week 17 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner discusses the return of Marshawn Lynch and answers questions from the media on Tuesday during week 17 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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TE Seahawk

Just need Kam chancellor to come back and we are good

    James Monahan

    TE Seahawk he has a neck injury no way he’s coming back

    Brandon Briseno

    @Reapers_Cards come on man you got to respect Sherman he gave it his all with the Seahawks.

    Dovakin EScrolls

    Teams would be running plays backwards down the field. Go Hawks!


    @Reapers_Cards bro same 🀣🀣

    Op C

    He could get paralyzed

Clorox Bleach


    The Jack Rabbit

    That’s my birthday.

Jacob Grow

of all the Press Conferences

I felt this in the heart ❀️

Dalton Ballard

John Schneider needs to be GM of the year signed Wilson signed Wagner turned 4 picks into 11 trade for Clowney for nothing and now after losing 3 rbs get Beast mode back

    Ryan Staiger

    Dalton Ballard he definitely has a backup plan for every scenario

    2k.g3rsh0m _


    Yochan Hwang

    I was thinking about this today. Schneider cannot be out gm’d

A Fucking Bird

It’s time for ya to ballout!! Let’s get this W! GoHawks!!πŸ’šπŸ’™


I think Beast Mode is going to turn back into Beast Mode now that he is home. Once he comes on to the field the 12’s are going to erupt into cheers there is no energy like the energy we give at home in our stadium. Go Hawks πŸ’™πŸ’š

    Joe wellman

    Reapers_Cards #gohawks get this win

Krispy Chris


Krispy Chris




    BigAnimeTiddies Jr.


Robbie Strain


    Lenonskii O.


blackfeet soldier

πŸ‘this move definitely lifted us Seahawks fansπŸ‘

UnX Format

Merry Christmas Bobby wud up cuzz!


Reporters are paid to ask questions, but why so many stupid ones? Do their bosses allow a stupidity quota before they get fired? It doesn’t seem so, as they seem to ask an inexhaustible stream of stupid and/or repetitive questions.

Jim Chiro

I’m with you Bobby happy to hear Mr beast mode back to Seahawks really good to have him back…and merry Christmas to you…and the twelves man..go hawks


Bobby’s responses were great and on point.

Nikko Jennings

Hope they play with heart Sunday

The Jack Rabbit

Honestly it’s Christmas Eve let these guys have a day and two away from reporters

Anthony Galindo

Too bad josh and duane isn’t playing

Joe wellman

I want to meet Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, and Tyler Lockett biggest wish ever

Todd Breda

This feels like a dream. Don’t pinch me because I want to see how this story ends. Could this story end in delicious redemption? Boy, this has the makings of a fairy tale finish to this middle-aged 12. All the Negative Nellies who want to tout that it’s unlikely a 33-year-old warrior has much left to offer, I say to them all you are grossly missing the point.

This was a psychological signing. Whether he gets 100 yards or 10 yards this Sunday, make no mistake about this folks…Marshawn’s presence alone could be just enough of an added ingredient to propel this team to a victory under the brightest lights of Prime Time.

Sure, he can’t play Left Tackle or the host of other positions depleted. He’s not going to magically keep Russell clean on every down. And yes, I concede we can still lose this Sunday to a talented and surging 49ers team regardless of the homecoming Skittle-filled love fest.

Yet, everything in my bones on this Christmas day is telling me this will be one of those games we 12’s look back on with nothing but smiles and joy. Something is brewing here and I for one am going to sit back, enjoy and savor every moment of it.

Welcome home Beast Mode. Merry Christmas 12’s!

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