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Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 17 Tuesday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll discusses Marshawn Lynch's return, injury updates and more with the media on Tuesday during week 17 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Kyle Michael


    Seahawks Fan

    Kyle Michael Hawks


    Kyle Michael hawks

    Ayden Jay Gines


    Deon Moore


    Josh Cook



We be beastin’ all da way to the Super Bowl!! GO HAWKS!!!

    Boxing 101

    @Nicolas Viray I’m a die hard Hawks fan, named my 5 year old after a Seahawk I’d rather say no way the Hawks are going and get proven wrong and surprised then say were winning and sound stupid, at this point the 49ers do have a deeper squad, the Hawks have a better QB, but an all around team the 49ers are looking good, a toss up on who has the best games between Saints, 49ers, GB, Hawks! We have weapons we just need the most important thing in the NFL which is O line and pass rush which the Hawks are LACKING. Clowney can be the game changer, if he gets doubled we can blitz right on the edge of that double team and get some guys in there pressuring Jimmy G

    A Fucking Bird

    @Boxing 101 You’re calling me a bandwagon? I’ve been with this team since 1996. I’ve been through the rough times and the good times. Im just hopefull about this season because it feels like the 2013 season.

    A Fucking Bird

    @Boxing 101I’m just trying to stay positive

    Boxing 101

    @A Fucking Bird yea me too, I was pretty bummed after that Carinals loss, but anything can happen. Glad we got Clowny back and stuff

    A Fucking Bird

    @Boxing 101 true

Wambli Robideau


Wambli Robideau


Boxing 101

Seahawks are a dog, and we are backed up in a corner, we have to use Russel and his abilities were going to have to take chances down the field even if it turns into a turnover we have to gamble and throw it all out there! I’m more worried about our Defense and our O line honestly


    yea im scared too, im hopeful tho, we lost so many to injuries our oline especially is really bad, hopefully they can be decent, and your right please let russell gamble it makes it unpredictable and thats what we need

    Tommy Nguyen


    Shane Hafner


Llll Lll

Marshawn Lynch Hall Of Fame

    Jacob Miles

    Llll Lll I really hope he makes it, but I don’t know if he will because of his longevity

    Llll Lll

    @Jacob Miles Hes Gonna Have To Stay More Years In Seattle Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson Are Going He Needs To Be BeastMode Again

    Wes Takahashi

    Hes a hall of Famer. They voted in Easley, he will get there.


    Finishing up a lil business first…


    If he were to help this Seahawks team with a mediocre defense and a team torn apart by injuries make it to and win a super bowl? Absolutely. Stats wise right now its a long shot, but a 2nd ring- along with him joining the team in this dramatic-cinderella-like fashion could very well make a mark in NFL history to make that argument.

Mico Jones

206 we in here

Andi S

Beastmode: I am here for the Super Bowl 1 yard line redemption, it is part of contract.


    …unfinished business. HOF inc.

Derek P

The crickets and laughs after turbin was mentioned off the top made me sad…


    Me too. Who are the skinny-fats that chuckled? They aren’t worth one of his biceps.
    I hope Turbin takes those punks to school.

    Classic Don&Mike

    Lighten up Marshawn is the elephant in the room making the first question not be about Lynch is funny

    A Fucking Bird

    Turbin was really good, he just had a fumbling problem .

    lew allen

    I honestly thought back in the day turbo would be the next beast mode his nickname was mini beast

Alefunzo Uzzle

1st and goal, give the ball to Beastmode!

Tim Bartsch

Merry Christmas


    “Merry New Year”

Chuck Norris's Pinky Finger

Forget Christmas! I Can’t Wait for Sunday Night!!!

Jacob Grow

I’m more excited about this game than Christmas lol 😂

    lew allen

    Jacob Grow lol yup

Jonah Guinn


David Rim

I’m really stoked and happy Marshawn is back, but let’s not sugar coat the fact that the team is very injured right now. I’d be very delighted if the Hawks win this game, but I’m not sure with the way these back ups are playing at the moment.

    Joe Whysker

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m hoping for the best obviously, but last week was far from reassuring.

    Wes Takahashi

    We have a unique opportunity to mess with the Niners. A sweep beat up? When they have better team in most areas.

    brother k

    Playoffs start now, but win or lose Niners game isn’t the end of the season. Just support your team man, we need it.

Charlie P

Everybody seemed so laid back, nonchalant, and HO-Hum about Marshawn coming back. When I heard this news, my neighbors literally thought there was a murder in progress I was screaming so loud. I threw my lungs out I was so happy. Welcome back #24, you never really left us in my book. Love you big guy! GO HAWKS!!

    Myleen Lujan

    “…Threw my lungs out”
    Tore my pancreas.
    Ripped my intestines.
    Ruptured my liver.
    Yet healed my heart!😆

Krispy Chris


    Superdog 1038


    David Ward


wandering spirit

Marshawn back in SEA is a great Christmas present.

Cristofer Ramos

Beast mode


Lol Pete always telling a couple lies, I mean i get it. This was planned

    Jonny Augz

    Sneaky Pete.


    @Jonny Augz the plan was for Marshawn to back up Carson probably

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