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‘Let’s Handle Business’ Playoff Hype | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks prepare for their 'business trip' to Philadelphia.

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Sandie Weston

letsgo seahawks


Let’s go hawks!

Ron Burgundy

We the true birds beat Philly


    What about the other birds, the Ravens 😈. If you know what I mean, in about a month from now.

    Ron Burgundy

    Jetfire97 the eagles call themselves the “birds” the Seahawk is a bird and we’ve bested Philly and we’re gonna do it again


    @Ron Burgundy whatever it takes


Road Field Advantage do your thing


    Jetfire97 loool, so true

ElecTRIK Clan

russell, jadeveon, ansah, shaquill, bobby, kj, myers, DK, Moore, Lockett, duane, quandre every seahawks player, personnel, and fan lets go give the 12th man another lombardi baby

Jesse Pena

ROAD WARRIORS coming to Philly to wreck shop. GO HAWKS!


It’s amazing that we can actually lose games after how inspiring these speeches are. Damn I love this team, go hawks, let’s do it

    maris Gaston

    This gives me goosebumps. Go hawks!💜

    Glow 44

    Your comment is a little weird. Inspiring speeches are great, but making plays on the field wins games. Hopefully Wings plays and is ready to ball out, Seattle is a lot better defense with him on the field.


    Glow 44 oh my bad wasnt meant to be weird, its just weird how inspiring that these speeches are before games, it’s like you sport movies, how they give those speeches before like a big game, and then they win, that’s kinda how I’m thinking of it, idk man, sorry if it doesn’t make sense, idk how to explain my thought process XD. But in reality, ur right, the plays give us the win

The Pickle zone

Final prediction

Seahawks 27
Eagles 13

Go hawks!! Love you boys

Andrew Nguyen

Let’s Go Hawks!


The Seattle Seahawks are God’s Team!
Can you feel it!


Please make sure this video plays on the Seahawks bus on the way to the stadium Sunday. Please & thanks.

    N H

    Yes, this needs to show this video on the team bus as they travel to the stadium, were getting this business and victory done on sunday. Lets go Hawks.

Jayson Sanchez

Me and my dad are going to our first football game and I’m sooo excited for Sunday #gohawks

    Cameron K

    Jayson Sanchez cool


    In Philly?

The 8D Experience

Bears are my favorite team, but if I had to pick another team to root for it would be Seahawks!


    It’s the opposite for me

Cory Campbell

I want to be happy and proud for the Seattle Seahawks were a family for the 12th Man of Seattle

Jim Chiro

Let’s start again Seahawks!! One on the road Sunday..go hawks.

Koi Matai

We officially made Philly our house for the weekend 😂😂

Gamer Jake

Let’s do this !!!🤞🏾

Issac Oshen

Let’s do this!!!!! Go Hawks!!! I’m feeling the energy already!!!

King James Stclair

Let’s go get it,go HAWKS

Derek P

Alright time to bring kam out of retirement now, I know he can’t play… I just want him to suit up visor and all while he mean mugs every eagle that dares come towards our sideline.

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