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Head Coach Pete Carroll Wild Card Friday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Friday during the first week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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William Vang

Let’s go Pete!!!

NateH 45

Fight On baby!!!!!

Kailah Hayes

oh man youtube is drunk. no views and 8 likes. :I

Christopher Hernandez

Hopefully a fast start and a good finish without another nailbiter game haha 😅

    blackfeet soldier

    I know when its a nailbiter i never sit down

Drea loves tiktok a lot



D-Line will have to get in Wentz’s grill again if they want a chance to win this game.

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    Fizzgig this is shaquem and Clooney’s game

Josh Reynor

Happy Blue Friday everyone!

blackfeet soldier

Win or go home


The day before, the day before. Let’s go ‘Hawks!

Tony West

I would love to see more misdirection plays to work against fast linebackers. Similar to some of the 49ers plays. They do it well.

Andrew Nguyen

Let’s Go Hawks!

Munj Manhas

Go Hawks!

Z.Z Shirer

Lets start this playoff at 1-0 lol. Go Hawks!

Jeremy Moe

Let’s go Seahawks 💪🏾🤞🏾🖤💙

Wyatt Earb

This year has been a fuckn heart attack waiting to happen….I feel like every game I’m losing years off my life



    William P Hall

    I know the feeling…I don’t watch the game until it’s over!

    Yanko Stanchev

    I swear even if we somehow lead 63-7 at the half, It will still end something like 70-68 for us… 😀

    RusseLL Wackson

    I suggest you don’t watch the next game

    Jessie Fernandez

    Yanko Stanchev you guys will be winning the game but I don’t think it’s gonna be 63-7 in the half

Jon p

I want them to play I formation with Turbin and lynch and just pound the D line..

Jay Amaro

Seahawks all the way weird all
My other family like the Jets

    Jessie Fernandez

    Jay Amaro we’re you from?

Zack Smith


Pete: *Bangs table 3 or 4 times*

Steve Reed

Going to watch this lunatic coach do another meltdown when he get near the goal line. Wouldn’t surprise anyone to see this bombastic bozo call a drop kick play on 2nd down.

Film Guru

Lets go Seahawks!!!! Lets win this war of the birds!!

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