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Binx Negale



Elway needs to learn to leave the GM job at Denver. Sidenote: πŸŽπŸ“πŸ”’

Keith Flores




John Tyler

How do you not ask him about Von’s comments? These questions are so soft it makes me sick to my stomach. Snow ball fights, really?

    Future Echo

    I’d say we get as much for von in draft picks. It’s not the popular choice but this isn’t a popularity contest. Lock and load with young talent. Von’s not getting any younger.


    What were Vons comments? I missed it.


    @pfeiffdog0811 von called out on the team for not stepping up for lock against the chiefs

Myst Tropic


explore 2580

great to be elway when they lose its because of them when they win its because of him..

Wallace Velie

Again, the OC has a big job. He is the master chess player, he calls the shots. He needs to understand his chess pieces, and which ones are missing. He needs to understand the same about the defense he is playing against. The OC Drew up a great game plan for Houston and executed for almost three quarters. In heading into the Bronco’s game, you knew three things and they were: (1) Chiefs weren’t going to allow Sutton or Fant to beat them. (2) They weren’t going to allow Sutton to sit back in the pocket and get comfortable, and Bronco’s had no say in the matter. (3) Chiefs do not respect the Bronco’s offensive line, or it’s running backs. However, they do expect handoffs to Lindsey, and passes to Fant, and Sutton. If you were to look at all the talent the Bronco’s have on offense, it’s formidable. There is enough talent, to create enough creative plays, to keep the defense guessing. Not saying there won’t be some grinding, but the Chiefs would have to protect every blade of grass. I hope Denver’s OC will take the time to put together a real strategy, based upon all his strengths and weaknesses. Implement the plan and stick to it the whole game, taking chances all game long. The OC has the ability, just don’t think he believes in himself. He spends too much time worrying, and not enough time executing.

    Bruce Fizer

    First off. The offence is super young with a rookie QB making his 3rd start he forced some balls and we did terrible run blocking as always. Chris Harris got burned again… He won’t be back next year all against the 2nd best team in afc over the last month What can you expect

branden kozer

Why was nobody covering travis k? Why was noone picking up the blitz? I felt bad for drew, good coverage against the play call and penetration through the line. . They didnt stand a chance. As always, Go Broncos! Chin up guys


    Fax, get that man an o-line, if not he’ll be gone before he hits his prime.



Quinton Wilson

Well lions game means something for drew n vic

Hugh Jass


DJ Annoyed Gaming

It’s important Kareem Jackson stops smoking the GANJA! And Von cause he needs to contribute more this season

Tom Brady126

Fire elway boo


I think John means the goal eventually is to win the division. The team still has years of rebuilding to do. Patience fans, patience! (You too, John!)


I think Elway is pretty high on the bar as far as being a good GM. Compared to other teams within the league , Elway is in the top 5 probably. Was that said after we , after the Broncos got outplayed on Sunday. Oh look at that it appears that it was. Interesting.


Can’t put this loss on Lock. Need to seriously build the nest around him and drop hammers on both the line and secondary. πŸ”₯πŸ’―


Jeff Wingham

Too late, season over. Thank you Elway for totally dismantling this organization.

John Waide

Hopefully the Broncos finish strong to get some extra confidence going into 2020


Come on Broncos!

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