Justin Simmons on WR Courtland Sutton: ‘He’s going to be great for years to come’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stevey Pulido

Go broncos

Bronco Bart

Sense K Jack is out 2 games we need Simmons to step up big next two games… Hopefully he stays … With the Broncos

    Noeau W

    Bronco Bart he will be a bronco for sure


    Nah dude we need to lose these last 2games, if we win them we could drop all the way to the 18th draft pick.

    Future Echo

    @Shake we probably will lose, at least one due to injuries.

Jeff Crouch

I really hope this man is a bronco for along time!! I liked him and parks from the very start hope we keep them both around for along time


I’m really mad Justin Simmons didn’t make the pro bowl. He was tied 1st for forced incompletions and the highest graded safety .


Also Jarvis Landry makes the pro bowl with 5 td’s and 1,018 yard . And Courtland Sutton doesn’t with 6 td’s and 1,019 yards

John Waide

Good news on Elway keeping Simmons


pro bowl snubbed my boy smh, we need to lock simmons up long term no 🧢

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