Lamar Jackson Clinches AFC North w/ Record-Breaking Performance | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Baltimore Kid

Imagine picking Baker Mayfield over Lamar

    Gale Hess

    @CobaltScout56 exactly. Lamar /Ravens benefiting from maximizing his skill set

    Gale Hess

    @Jon Mikelonis baker should last a few years and never make the playoffs

    Ron Edward

    Dude, I had to hear that from Browns fans all last season about how jealous Baltimore fans were about not having Baker. Now, they’re jealous that Baltimore doesn’t have Baker. 😂


    @Abdurrahmaan Hussaini what did trubitsky do in college? You’ve just proved their point!

    J Bond

    @Abdurrahmaan Hussaini How did mitchell do better in college? He was a 1 year starter. Mahomes started 3 years….

Jot Jolt

If you don’t think Lamar deserves mvp

Pls go see mark ingram


    Michelle Ehrgott writes a whole paragraph, da fuq is wrong with you

    Josh Johnson

    @nubadubdub joe Weddle is still looking to see who has the ball lol

    Chu Nguyen

    BEATZ4DAZ Global

    Close with Russell Wilson who doesn’t have much on offense

TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

Lamar is a beast man. Can’t believe I’m saying this but he’s a better QB right than Brady (who I am a fan of)

    KM 5173

    @TheChronicDocumentary DreGame Now, I’m not delusional.

    TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

    KM 5173 what ?


    TheChronicDocumentary DreGame he meant Lamar’s playing better as of this season while Brady’s better all time as far as achievements since Lamar is just starting.

    Tony Zheng

    Did you hear that Brady wants to race Lamar

    Noah McNaughton

    @KM 5173 Brady is gonna go in to Baltimore and beat the ravens in the AFC Title game.

Julian Shipp Jr

Remember all the hate he got during the offseason and now the media wants to hop on the bandwagon smh….

    brian green

    The Philadelphia Eagles. Hes the best qb in the league he throws as good as he runs and is probably the best decision maker in history in terms of knowing when to run and when to pass stop hating just because he is blk

    -Can Ameri-

    @brian green – His decision making can’t be understated. Sure, the OL has been phenomenal this year, but when protection does break down LJ’s ability to not only escape, but know when to throw and when to run is remarkable. And he’s only going to get better with experience.

    Dildo Schwaggins

    @brian green The dudes been in the league for 2 years…chill

    Big Law LLC

    Between🏈💪 Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County their are over 120 players from the South Florida area. This kid is proving the haters wrong, and after the game he gave James Burgess his jersey. A lot of people don’t know about that🌞🏈South Florida Louisville connection that started with Teddy Bridgewater.

Colin Barlow

Lamar casually puts up 5 TDs every week.

    Rico Skino

    Kodak gave him a spark!


    Dude is like a Madden created player

    Deshawn Richardson

    3 at the minimum

    Navon Myhand

    @thedman12 Dude he even plays better than my Madden created player, he fumbles less and runs even faster 😕


So much for a “Quad Injury” he is making it look too easy, running away with MVP now I’m happy for him, making his doubters “he should consider moving to Receiver” look so bad right now

    kingbey fan

    I am looking forward to his receiving TD… one of these days


He’s sat out 5 fourth quarters, because they were beating the other teams so badly. This doesn’t happen in the NFL.

    Amad Ahmed

    And he has 40 total TDS. That total touchdown record would have been shattered if he actually played more lol. Guess thats one more thing to work on next year, being even more efficient with the chances.


    It’s all on him. Not like he has a top 10 D or the best run game in the nfl and play action where guys are wide open. All him.

    william carter

    @Eddie Business We cant even give white supremacy America the benefit of the doubt on that statement because what your saying may not that far off because of the America we’re living an its white fragility …. And the greatest gift is the management they’re not trying to change Lamar’s game to suit white supremacy eyes because white supremacy its very settle an evil and jealous as a MOFO ya dig !!!


    Eddie Business or they don’t want the best quarterback in the league to get injured🤷🏻‍♂️


    william carter you’re an idiot if you think America is for white supremacy

Courtney Sutherlin

At Least the Jets got a ” big trunky kid with a Mid-western ethos”- Colin Cowturd.

    Rohan Scott

    Cowturd? Appropriate.

    Lance Handy

    ThiCC, TrunKy, CoAstAl with A MidWesT EtHoS.

    I'm African happens to be in America

    “I stood next to Lamar Jackson he’s skinny” Colin cowherd

    Digital LHM

    South Florida > Midwest


Let’s keep real, this game was just a formality..

Koby Collins

Just a reminder that 31 teams passed on this man and somehow we got him😁


    @Tori Temple well I think it’s going to happen, they torn through the Patriots like

    Tony Zheng

    @Life I mean what if Belichick drafted Lamar in 2018 nfl draft

    Juy Ahmad

    Koby Collins Lamar Jackson #MVP


    But here’s the thang skiiuuupp

    Harry Mills

    Fact is, he spun the ball, poorly, coming out. You can’t build a franchise on a guy who can’t even put a spiral on a regulation NFL football.

    But I can tell by all the big, tall, not-quick QBs in the league that coaches would really rather have someone they can choreograph, rather than someone they can train to play. Need a tall enough guy to launch that timing throw on rhythm to the pre-determined location. He’s got to be able to throw those 10- and 20-yard outs, and attack all parts of the field from the pocket. And if the QB’s got the arm and enough heart, that’s enough for a well-built team to win it all, which the same Ravens team did with Joe Flacco. Flacco can still win another ring if he can find his “Arizona” like Kurt Warner did. A good team can pick him up as a backup for pennies on the dollar, and propel him to a starting gig, if he can find his “Philadelphia,” like Nick Foles did.

    But Lamar’s snowing us the ultimate expression of the QB position. In the street, he’d be the kid playing QB out of all the kids, because nobody could catch him and he can throw.


I would fire everyone who told me to pass on Lamar In the draft

    Ibraheem Rao

    @MrQ000000 best thing is that he was never flies to start day one.


    Brandon LURENZO


    Lengendary Underdogs

    Even if the other teams got him, I doubt they’d be able to use him like Baltimore is. They would most likely force him to sit in the pocket and be a pocket QB.

C Dot

The Ravens is having the Season everybody thought the Browns would have. And the Bills is having the season everybody thought the Jets would have

    That Boy

    We all knew the Jets and Browns were going to be terrible, let’s not lie to ourselves


    And the Bengals are just spinning in circles.

    Ramakrishna Bhuma

    Irony is Ravens lost to Browns

    Mitch Bal

    Davon Norton “is” is actually correct in both of those instances


Not bad for a running back.

Action Jackson 4 MVP

Chris Windham

Wanna see me throw 5 TD’s

Wanna see me do it again..

And again…

    Nightmare Kilo

    Gh0st Flow yea so why didn’t Brady?? Or anyone else that played the jets this season or the so called “great” qbs why didn’t they do it?? Stfu with your hating bullshit

    Captain America America

    @somerset shon it’s like you running a Race vs, FATTEST SANTA.🎅🎅🐖🐷

    Captain America America

    @Nightmare Kilo Every game plays out different. Why didn’t he do it vs, SAN FRAN?49’S? OH!!


    B-b-but…he cant throw?

    Nightmare Kilo

    Captain America America the 49ers have the number one defense and it was raining you must be a little kid my guy

Cris L

He’s running angry, he wants to prove to everyone that has doubted his skills, that they were dead wrong!

juju 32

Dude is gonna be top 10 in rushing yards while leading the league in passing touchdowns. That’s scary asf for the rest of the league.

    Jay Hooper

    B Wheels thats exactly what it is.


    @Ms Sandy I wasn’t referring to mvp.


    Look at rg3. What’s he up to now? Look at cam newton after his shoulder.

    Abe Froman

    @B Wheels That has got to be one of the most Racist statements I have heard. Nobody wants him hurt.

Vic Williams

*I mean when u put 4 guys on spy, hes gonna have everyone open, i hate playin the ravens on madden too!! Shesshhh!*

Chinedum Okafor

“We’ll see where they “Mark” Andrews” Nice 👌

    Brennan Jackson

    Chinedum Okafor bruh 🔥🔥🔥 had he thrown in the no pun I woulda cried


long az LJ takes care of himself on the field… he literally has the game of football in his back pocket. LITERALLY.

Samuel Durfee

“Defensive Coordinators will figure him out”

Yeah they might make it so he has to play 3 and a half quarters next year

    Michael Harvey

    He looked like a lost puppy in the playoffs, then he spent the off-season getting better, learning a tailored offense, and now he looks like a man among boys and could well be holding the Lombardi soon. Even so, everyone else will work on getting better at minimizing his strengths and if he doesn’t work just as hard to keep getting better himself there will be a fall off next season.

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