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George Ferrera

And Most people expected the Browns to have this type of season the Ravens are having.

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    George Ferrera wipkjhcwjSorry

    verticy :

    @EleventhHour actually, alot of people thought they would be very strong. Not just average. They were wrong๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


    The Browns are going to have a bad season every time lol, we should start expecting that. Its not the players, it’s the coaching.

Rob C

The young talents this season this off the chain! Congrats to Jackson for breaking the single season QB rushing record. Dude is Top 5 in rushing in the entire league, including RBs. Damn.


    Yep, he’s 3rd! However, rest of the league hasn’t played yet this week, so I’m not sure that’ll hold…


Crowder : Drops easy 10 yard open pass

Also Crowder: Catches extremely hard covered out of bounds pass the next play

    Turhan Henderson

    @Samuel Moore lmaoooooooo foul but facts

    Takoda Freeman

    Time stamp?


    Tyler lockett said in an interview that the wide open ones are sometimes the hardest to catch

Jared GOAT

Crowder dropped that wide open td just so he can get on the espn top 10 plays

Victor Nguyen

The Jets’ ST is so good that the rest of the team looks like it was picked up from the nearest mini mart

Dewitt McDidditt

Jameison Crowder:
When you drop a wide open pass one play, then turn into Santonio Holmes the very next play. XD


    This guy… I dropped him in fantasy after 3 weeks of nothing against Bengals, Dolphins, and Raiders and now that.

    The Neutron Style

    Dewitt McDidditt thatโ€™s exactly what happened to Santonio Holmes in the Super Bowl, he dropped a wide open pass and the very next play caught an insane one

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    Bro…. im playing against this man Crowder… now im projected to lose even woth LJax lmao

    John 14:3

    And still get stomped

    Juan Garcia

    @Joschi b

Abdulrahman Othman

Lamar Jackson by his self is count as a whole team

Lord Hoth_09

Everybody talks about Lamar, Iโ€™m sittin here saying โ€œLook at Mark Ingram with the rebirth.โ€

    Kevin Gunn

    He played in an offense with Drew Brees ๐Ÿ˜‚ no rebirth he just showing what he can do

    Roderick Montgomery

    What you are looking at is a complete team this is what me as an Auburn fan looked at Auburn as in 2010 we had an elite QB in Cam Newton and it’s exciting enjoy it.

    r m smith

    Everybody does talk about Lamar, because he’s a great athlete, but he’s good to a large part because he’s on a great team. O-line, Running backs, tight ends, D-line and D-backs, no weakness. If he can stay healthy they might be the next dynasty.


    Mark Ingram looks quicker and in better shape this year!!

    Chris Injeian

    @r m smith to be fair we wouldn’t be able to run the ball as we do without Lamar effects on the run game

Justin Rees

Refs: Take away touchdown for o line penalty.

Lamar Jackson:
Fine Iโ€™ll do it again

    Alex Smith

    He said “You just made us go for 2.”

    Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.


    oliver sizzle

    @ArlanKels A 2nd tackle on the end of the line is an eligible receiver so they have to report. That player can’t get the “ineligible receiver downfield” penalty.

    Chesler Dorsey

    Justin Rees lmao! With the same M. Andrews!

Walt B Council

I kust realized he never slides. He just runs towards the sidelines.

    Gary Potter

    I hope it doesn’t come back to bite him, too much talent to waste on an injury. Hoping to watch him and mahomes be the two to fear in the afc for years to come.

    SOG Dre

    It’s safer than sliding actually. Peyton manning got hurt sliding when nobody hit him. Slid and hurt his knee.

    Zoned 247

    Tbh, in today’s NFL sliding is just as likely to get you hurt. Defenders tend to pull out of sideline hits, because it will almost always get flagged on a QB, if it’s an inch over the sideline. Slide though and, oops sorry ref, I just collapsed my 260 lbs on top of him to make sure he’s down. There’s always the wacko Vontaze Burfict guys, who will hit you, even if you were carrying a new-born baby and a grenade with the pin out, but that’s just a minority of crazies..

    SOG Dre

    @Zoned 247 yup, Lamar is actually keeping the statistics low when he avoids being a sitting target like in the pocket.


    Shame on you, you just kust

Nate P

You cut me: I bleed.
You cut L.J.: He leaks jet fuel.

    Ooo Oof

    Nate P wow you beat the jets! What a milestone


    You going to get a Super Bowl out of me bleed that bleed that

    Stuff With Nava

    @Ooo Oof Yeah, and LJ broke Vick’s record, set franchise records and clinched our second consecutive AFC North title.

    Emmelie H

    @Ooo Oof why you mad? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Anae O'Neal

I feel like our defense wasnโ€™t as strong during the second half but we still won. Love my birds ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’œ

Ryan Hardison

How many records do you want to break Lamar?
Lamar: “Yes”

    Jordan Cadwell

    Please end this joke format already.

    SOG Dre

    @Jordan Cadwell please end your lack of dry humor

    Jordan Cadwell

    @SOG Dre “””””””Humor””””””

    SOG Dre

    @Jordan Cadwell talk to my auto kurrect about that ๐Ÿ˜…

    Jordan Cadwell

    @SOG Dre No, I’m talking about calling jokes like this humor. It’s not a good joke if you 100% know what the punchline is going to be before you read it.

Fortu Mohlala

Espn first take and fox sports tomorrow morning: We were more impressed with the Jets


He deserves a ring this year

    Zoned 247

    Only Brady, Garappolo or Brees can stop that happening. Hopefully they won’t

Son of man!

Ravens lookin like Alabama the way the backup been coming out after blowouts this season.

Joey_ Breezy

Im happy the other 31 teams passed on him. The Ravens were the Perfect team for him everyone talks about him being passed up but it was a blessing


    Joey_ Breezy Iโ€™m a colts fan. If we knew Luck was retiring. I would of wanted him.

J _SwagYT

Who said Lamar didn’t have an arm

Alex Smith

“Lamar it’s 4th and….”
“What play are we calling?”


Joe Buck: “We’ll see where they mark Andrews.”

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