Kyler Murray Highlights vs. Browns | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kyler Murray Highlights vs. Browns | NFL 2019

Kyler Murray went 19/25 and threw for 219 yards and 1 touchdown against Baker and the Browns. The Cleveland Browns take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Arian Dizdarevic

I think I can hear them saying Cleveland clowns through the tv🤯🥵

Muz Kamal26

Will he get. A new card in madden?🤔

    Muz Kamal26

    ItzDtrey yah do u play if yes on what


    Maybe but his 75 ovr probably won’t change in madden updates

    alldae. FR

    He has a 90 overall


    @alldae. FR in regular game where the update ovr every week for regular teams on the cardinals he is 75

    CB Sports

    He has a 90 in mut

Mo Salah

Kyler> Baker

And it’s not even close lol

    tito thomas

    baker broke the rookie td record lmao people really think hea a scrub hes just having a down year

    tito thomas

    Tara Plock baker is a scrambler tf are u saying?😂


    ​@Bennybass actually the air raid system is bad for endzone passing within 10 yrds the weakness of air raid. kliff runsthe ball in the endzone kyler played a great game today he could have easily had 4 tds for himself but the browns couldnt stop kenyan drake

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Kylie and Baker= 🗑️

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Baker is top 3 for most interceptions in the league last time I checked. Baker is a college level QB that shouldn’t be in NFL. He’s fat and awful

ItzTrixstabtw - YT

Kyler Murray is one of the fastest qbs ain’t gonna lie

    tito thomas

    Marcus Watson dont really count? deshaun and josh allen have legit 4.5 speed. and mitch trubisky

    jarhead mstr

    Alex Denty true

    Giovanni Carbajal

    I knew that in last years cotton bowl when he torched the longhorns defense on a long TD run in the 4th. Gus Johnson was like “wow!, look at the speed!!”

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Marcus Watson Taysom Hill is ridiculously fast as well.


He will be the Patrick mahomes and lamar jackson of the next season

    tito thomas

    NBAShooter hea gona be average and yall are gona trash him just like yall did baker

    Navon Myhand

    So the MVP?

    Daniel Alejandro Barrera Campos

    @tito thomas Lamar and Mahomes are loaded with talent in his teams.

    Mahomes has Kelce and Hill, and Lamar the best Oline and very good tight ends.

    If Arizona give Kyler a team he would be “The next guy”.

    Full-time Nobody

    Need to build a team around him and it’s like the Cardinals don’t even try. Y’all has the same top wr for a century 😂😂 😂



    Go Gators

    @tito thomas because that’s what he is

    Hokies/Cavs At Best


    tito thomas

    Go Gators ok

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

Murray is x10 better than Baker “Mr interceptions” Mayfield. I’m a Raven fan but god Brown’s are trash


    Yessir we about to dismantle them next week

Jay Areuwing

The Cardinals have been a tough out all year for every team


    Keng Vang the Rams who have been destroyed by Baltimore and Dallas EMBARRASSINGLY….


    tito thomas I’m from Cali to

    clown baby

    Nobody calls it Cali except people who aren’t from California

    tito thomas

    ramyanathaniel must not go outside then


something something good for the cardinals


    The Cards have been much better this season man. Lots of close losses to very good teams. They are making progress and I see a bright future there.

Gökalp Öztürk

Future MVP

    tito thomas

    Gökalp Öztürk thats what yall said about baker before people turned on him because fans have zero football knowledge

    Killer Instinct

    Lamar Jackson varken nope

    Baby Yoda

    Gökalp Öztürk hopefully

Chris Longwood

Remember when the Browns were playoff contenders?

L Chappi

Kyler needs to use his speed more often and run with it


    @Bennybass but hes so good at avoivding big hits he has the best slide of any qb but hes a better thrower than runner kid has a top 5 arm n the prettiest spiral beatiful release

    E3 Cinema

    Once he gets an o line he can establish himself as the pocket passer he is

    WW FC

    Winston Wood telling this guy that he can’t speak his mind while you acting you are a scout for arizona or something telling everyone why he was drafted smh 😂

    Winston Wood

    WW FC Did i day he couldn’t speak his mind? I’m just saying Kyler wasn’t drafted to be a running back

    inffected 0

    I definitely feel like they aren’t using his speed to its full potential, but i dont think kyler could sustain it if they did run him a lot more, He’s just too fragile.. Sure he can avoid big hits pretty well but he cant avoid them all, and all it takes is one wrong hit to end the guys season.
    Considering he’s literally the best young QB we’ve ever had, i think taking the safe route is the better option for now

Boo Thornton

My gawd his arm is good as Fawk

BBolling3 _

If he gets a toty hero in Madden I’ll be very happy

connor miller

Kyler should win the offensive rookie of the year award. He’s amazing. Just wait till they put some more playmakers around him and draft lineman. Even at his size, he can be a star player.


best qb in the draft

E3 Cinema

Once he gets an o line he can establish himself as the pocket passer he is


tackle highlight ?


Cards should be good next year just need a few pieces


Kyler has a very very nice throw. I’m excited to see how he progresses next year.

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