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SSick Camaro SS

Drake is the back of the future for the cards! What a game.

    SSick Camaro SS

    DeAsUnJa they should make more use of him and Isabella.


    When did we get Drake?

    Benjamin Gomez

    @KingDaavid His first game with us was on Halloween against the 49ers

    Mike Hawk

    @Youngbagchasers but when is he healthy? I like david Johnson too but dude is literally always injured:/

Larry Legend is a GOAT

I wanna thank the dolphins for giving us this beast

    Big Red

    joshylineallen He’s arguably the best RB in the league

    Cosmic Shadow24

    @stigandr the warlord Kirk would disagree with that statement


    Always loved drake, dolphins lost drake, ajayi, and Landry… So much talent, and look at tannehil now he’s in a good team? Dolphins are a solid team with lots of talent, just no cohesion

    Other TechLead

    How’s Josh Rosen doing?

    Other TechLead

    @joshylineallen Browns run o-line is better than cards.

Josue Tejada

This game alone sums up the entire Browns season

    Derrick Williamson

    How dare he speak this bum Baker Mayfields name in the same breath as lamar jackson lamar jackson had 2 bad throwing games last year and just like when jalen hurts had 1 bad game the media were counting on that old fable if you tell a lie over and over again in the absence of truth it will become the truth! so they used lamar Jacksons 2 bad games and jalen hurts 1 bad game and spoke about them both as if they were trash but the truth is they are still trying so desperately to hold on to that old 50s lie that black men cant play QB but we all know that’s a lie and ths fact that bill Bellacheck was caught cheating listening in on the other teams play calling years ago should let you know the nfl is rigged any way it’s like the Oscar’s lol


    @Yuo_boi_oscar ! It’s Freddie Kitchens fault. When the whole team is regressing, it’s a coaching issue.


    @is! HAYl3yy!! Mayfield is an overrated fukh boy that thinks he’s Tom Brady straight outta Foxborough

    Mason_Baller Videos

    As a browns fan yes that’s accurate

Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers

Remember when people thought the Browns would win the AFC North?

Nate Burleson remembers.


    Steve Charles they get sacked like Rome though.

    Patrick Lawton

    Freddie got Fingered 🖕
    That’s what happened

    Jim McDonald

    The only way the browns will ever go to the super bowl will be when they can sweep the Steelers and beat them soundly not squeak by. Also soundly beat the Broncos only then will they ever have a shot of getting to the super bowl. When the browns swept the Steelers they made it to afc game but the Broncos beat them and kept them from going to the big game. Throughout the years they have yet to accomplish this and why they won’t get there until they do.

    Pro Tough

    I had them winning the afc north but this was before the season even started but hey they could of done way worse… The browns aren’t my team though. The team not blocking well, play calling and being one dimensional is what hurt the browns this year.

Dennis Okereke

Browns: Humiliate my Ravens in week 4

Also Browns: Get embarrassed by Cardinals

Balance has been restored

    Chucky Black

    @Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio Just last year you couldn’t find a Ravens fan outside of here(Baltimore) now ppl from Ohio and the rest of the world are Ravens fans lmao it’s just real funny the same ppl who just last year was Browns, and K.C. fans are now all of a sudden Ravens fans. So u was a fan when we had Kyle Boller. Vinny Testaverde, Jim Harbaugh, Elvis grbac? Stop it

    Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

    Chucky Black I wasn’t alive then I’m 14 rn 😂

    Jarod Brenneman

    Chucky Black i’m an eagles fan lmao

    SmokeSky TV

    Chucky Black lmao just cause you aren’t from Baltimore doesent mean you are a bandwagon, where I live we have no local nfl team here in Kentucky, been a ravens fan since 2011, I’m also a spurs fan, just because you aren’t from somewhere doesent mean you can’t like them.

    SmokeSky TV

    Chucky Black I swear ravens fans trying to act like they’ve been there from day one like who cares smh, stop pointing fingers and calling everyone a bandwagon, bandwagons really aren’t as common as you think, not a lot of people bandwagon it’s an empty term. Also to say you aren’t a real ravens fan if you aren’t from Baltimore is blasphemous

Purple Raven

I put a browns case on my phone.

Now all my calls get intercepted


    Nice!!! Very clever

    Teppo Einari

    that was a good one 😂


    You sure it wasn’t a Buccaneers case?


    You are a stinker Lamar 😂

Worldstar 2.0

“Everybody Laugh at the Browns!” – Urinatingtree

    Edward Gaines

    @Cody Even the Bengals? With 1 measly win?! At least the Browns will sweep them.


    @Edward Gaines yes, and here’s why — the Brown’s are the worst coached and run franchise in all of sports. Meaning they have literally 0 chance of winning a superbowl every year no matter how much talent they acquire. While the Bengals are still one of the worst 5 run franchises in the NFL, they at least have a slight chance of winning a superbowl someday.

    Ian Jones

    @Edward Gaines at least they have the first overall pick

    8balln8 killingu65

    Everything you browns do turns to sht
    JIMMY grab the gun

    James Conkey

    Cleveland = Lethal injection to First round draft picks

    …I mean… its Cleveland

Jon Snow

Colin Cowherd licking his chops as we speak


    TANK SHERMAN he’s a dipstick… I was PRAYING Baker Mayfield would shut his mouth but the football gods didn’t make it happen … oh well

    Norman VanScoy

    Cowherd is an idiot but at least his daughter’s hot

A New Type

Browns: Beats the bills and destroys the ravens
Also Browns: Loses to the Steelers practice squad and Kenyan drake turning into nick Chubb

    Allen Saunders

    The beating of the ravens was very early on

    Trxx_ PhArOh

    A New Type ur saying that like kenyan drake isn’t a good runningback

    The Skin Thief

    15 points is destroying?

    Chris Kreager

    More like drake turned into Al Bundy

    Alessio Gjeloshi

    The Skin Thief yes isn’t it? We made 40 points if it was 15-0 it would another thing but 40-25 is another thing

Shaun Cameron

It’s safe to say Cleveland is officially done.

    Diehard Christmas Movie

    @Edward Gaines Margarine? He’s pure butter blood baby!

    Mitch Weaver

    They will be good aslong as they dont get stupid and fire people to soon .

    Wage Slave

    @William Anthony year 2? You guys have been rebuilding since 1999


Why is nobody talking about how Drake had

    Moto Mango

    Put him in as my RB2 this week 🤘


    K N A C K ikr


    @SuperBigblue19 😂🤣


    @Mike Brown Sure, fukh boy…just recognize greatness.


    It’s only happened 5 times in the last 10 years and 3 times in the last 5 years. It’s a pretty rare thing to accomplish.

Yoboi Boy

Seems like every player that left the dolphins this year is balling out on their new team.

    joe nobody

    It was funny at the beginning of the Season Dolphins fans were like thanks Steelers for the first round pick now it’s like thanks dolphins for minkah Fitzpatrick he’s a beast and has brought something to the Steelers defense that it was sorely lacking a leader

    Kelvin Rodriguez

    @joe nobody It isn’t that Minkah was liked. But if you have a disgruntled employee that doesn’t want to be there, why keep him? So Fins have given up more for less so a 1st rounder is definitely something to be thankful for.

    Who says,”thanks Steele’s for tour 4th or 5th round?”

    Side note, some players just shine in different systems. It has been more or less a decade since Miami has even cared about the run game. So if they’re not going to re-sign Drake, why not get something in return.

    How’s OBJ doing in Cleveland?
    Is Landry getting the same receptions?
    Where is Ajayi?
    How was Charles Clay in Buffalo?
    How is Charles Clay in Arizona?
    How is Suh?

    So yes there are success stories but it goes both ways.

    joe nobody

    @Kelvin Rodriguez what I was saying is people were talking a lot of smack about the Steelers trading that draft pick for Minka instead of punting on the season go look at the defense numbers before and after he showed up on team the Steelers got the better out of that deal it might be the greatest trade in the history of the Steelers


    @Francisco Davis That’s exactly the problem with the Browns right now. Kitchens is the worst coach I’ve ever seen.


    Yoboi Boy example ryan tannehill

Lyla Adalyn Kennedy

“mayfield has more commercials than wins this year” 😬

    William Kirksey

    @Mom Nonsense and I’m a resident of Cleveland Ohio the browns a hoke

    William Kirksey

    @Wesley Carter You are what your record said you are stop the nonsense

    Bill Bull


    WLF XM

    Bakers good his team is bad

    William Kirksey

    @WLF XM Baker is rank last in quarterback rating case close


Imagine what kyler murray could do with a consistent o-line

    Todd Josepe_De_Madre

    Imagine what Baker could do with a consistent O-Line….

    george corona

    and a DEFENSE! lol

    Big Red

    J Dolo Just because he does the best in the 4th quarter doesn’t mean he does it in garbage time.

    Paul Helsel

    Just look at what he did in high school, 3 championships in a row, and a monster winning streak

Ryan Halien

Kind of cool to see a coach actually use the new rule to get a bad no call corrected


    @Rod Cooper not really everyplay should not be reviewed how about that

    Rod Cooper

    @BigTone49ers exactly….


The Brown’s ability to fail never ceases to amaze me.

    Edward Gaines

    Rocky-Seals fumbles the ball, but gets 2 touchdowns? I mean which is it, dude? Winner or failure?

    Joe Chung

    34 years of it and for some reason I’m still surprised.


DAMN! Kyler is one hell of a tackler!!


    Kyler got them cheeks boy. He wasn’t happy with himself I don’t think lol.

    B00fpack '

    Brylight you sus bruh

Hugh Janus

Browns: *have a 6-8 record*

    James Conkey

    Thats the only person I have sympathy for.
    Chubbs IS the entire offense.
    Too bad he’s stuck there


    @James Conkey Christian McCaffrey is in exactly the same boat.


    @James Conkey Damn Landry gets no props

Dustin Platt

It says something when Baker Mayfield holds the record for most opening drive INTs in Browns history.


    @Benny Wave The only similarity between Baker and Manziel are that they’re white with brown hair. Try harder. Maybe watch the games? If you don’t want to then why bother commenting? Do you even know what kind of QBs Baker and Manziel are?

    Ay yo guys, Lamar Jackson is the next Daunte Culpepper. I have no idea who they are but they black so aha I sound fun and relevant.

    Don Don

    Damn I didn’t know that. That’s baaaad. The browns have had some terrible qbs

    Don Don

    Michael Srite it’s not idiotic.. they mentioned that stat bc out of all the bad qbs the browns have had he’s the only leading in that stat when he was the best recruit to come out of college

    J Roc

    Mayfield starting to disappoint he needs to progress big time next year


We all knew K1 can win, run like the wind and has a great arm but how bout this tackle 4:30

    Alex moreno

    DeAsUnJa he can do it all!!!

    Baby Yoda

    DeAsUnJa faxs

    Wilsonian Garveyite

    That wasn’t a tackle. What Tannehill did was a tackle!

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