Kyle Pitts reaction on being drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kyle Pitts reaction on being drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons | 2021 NFL Draft

Tight End Kyle Pitts reacts to being drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons and talks about his dream and journey to the NFL.

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American Radass

Welcome to Atlanta. You’ll be embraced by the family

Jose Bermudez

Let’s goooo

Jay Moore

Congrats and welcome to the “A”! It’s GO time now.

Eirik Chamar

Great pick, love the Falcons but our fans complain about every damn thing.. keep blaming Matt Ryan like he hasn’t been playing at a high level for most of his career and he shows NO SIGN of decline.

    Dejon Dorsey

    Exactly! Matt Ryan be balling for years. With different coaches and bad offensive line and still manage to throw 4.000 yards back to back c’mon lol

    Trevor J

    He’s definitely shown signs of decline, however, it’s nowhere near his fault why this organization is in the hole it’s in other than this somewhat horrendous contract. In 13 seasons, he’s had only two defenses in the top 20 of the league. That’s where the problem lies. His lack of run game for the last three seasons is getting him killed because our offense has no choice but to drop back and pass all the time with a weaker offensive line.

    Mondo Torre

    I hope he knows it’s not all of the fan base that hates on him, because I appreciate everything he did, and his humbleness is another reason why I want him to retire in ATL

    Tyler Elliott

    Atl complain about everything bro this man matty ice consistent every year

Trina Hill

Welcome to Atlanta let’s go

Raymond Elder

Time to turn these defenses to mince meat 🍖

Yusuke Knight

Welcome to the team Kyle Pitts going to be a lot of fun watching the Falcons this season

Trae young

As much as I wanted Justin fields this guy can really add fire to our offense but Falcons listen up don’t choke the rest of the pick get defense and some o-line to protect Matt

    Captain of THE SKELD

    Same thing

Mr motivator

Happy you here

Zachary Stone

Welcome to the ATL!


Welcome to atlanta excited for your time here. God bless

AtlFalcons 4life

Yessir NO.1 player in the draft baby let’s get it RISE UP‼️

Seth Ammon

Lets go!!!!!!

Noe Felix

Welcome to the A1🔥

A sad falcons Fan


Glam Glam


Fort Bragg


Santiago Tadeo Contreras Macedo

We go with everything for this season Kyle Pitts 😎👍

William Warren

Another talented player to help Matt look productive.. I hope this guy don’t end up like Julio. Used up, injuries, no Super Bowl ring and thinking about trading him 13 years later. .. congrats my brother, and welcome!!

Ernest Brown2

The next tony Gonzalez for us, rise up good pick

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