Atlanta Falcons speak to the media after selecting Kyle Pitts in the first round | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Atlanta Falcons speak to the media after selecting Kyle Pitts in the first round | 2021 NFL Draft

General Manager Terry Fontenot and Head Coach Arthur Smith speak to the media after selecting Kyle Pitts 4th overall in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Todd Mullis

Love this pick . Best player available.

Dre TruStatement


    Mr Mercenary

    Read a report that Barmore often neglected criticism and coaching at bama, maybe thought he was too good. Definitely don’t want him if this is his mindset. Plus we have Davidson still


    Ojulari is still available too 😳 we can’t go wrong with our 2nd round pick

    Robbie White

    @Mr Mercenary Saban denied all those allegations.

    Dre TruStatement

    @Mr Mercenary didn’t hear this thanks for that I’ll look into it

    Dre TruStatement

    @RebelATL Right this is what I was trying to tell fans that it was so much offensive players going in the first round a lot of good defensive players would fall to us.

Asad K.

Smart pick, and potentially the best player in this entire draft class! It seems we’re going all in so let’s go HB in the second and make a last run with Ryan and Julio!

    AJ Whitten

    i feel we could honestly wait until the 3rd of 4th to pick up a running back such as trey sermon out of OSU, but we will see

    Crash 13

    Falcons have had one 100 yard rusher game in three years… we need defense and running back… it’s wild

    Dio Brando

    @AJ Whitten I was thinking Trey Sermon too like in third or something


    @AJ Whitten yeah. As much as I want Javonte if we pass him I wouldn’t be mad because the options we have in the 2nd round are great. I would be cool with sermon.

Yusuke Knight

Welcome to the team Kyle Pitts going to be a lot of fun watching the Falcons this season

William Mcghee

Great pick ok let’s go get jovanta Williams next

Joseph Felker

Great pick fellas!!!! Let’s hit this DEFENSE HARD the next couple of days

    Suave Jones

    I want us to draft Kyle Trask and thennn the rest can be defense 😂😂

    Kevonte Jones

    An OL other than that yeah defense

    reginald white

    Yes sirrr!!! Let’s go. Defense should be the main focus except for an offensive guard

    DeShawn Madison

    Yep, I like the kid from Norte Dame if he’s available at 3 today. But I love the idea of drafting the best players available. TD reached for need to many times and it didn’t pan out.

    Jordan Ellison

    @Suave Jones YESSSSS

Jake Gunter

Way to start off this draft class off strong. Thank you Terry and Arthur!!!! Go Falcons!!!!

Crash 13

Terry loves to talk so much 🤓

David Gray

Terry is really personable in every interview. Hope this first pick turns out to be the first of many great ones for us!


    And Arthur Smith strikes me as a stoic guy that is funny underneath with a sense of humor


    I couldn’t care less about their facial expressions as long as they deliver trophies.

Adam Patterson

Red zone offense definitely will improve now


Imagine a twin tight end set with Pitts, Hurst, Julio, Calvin…. come on man. DC are going to have nightmare in prep weeks 😂

    Jalen Britt

    Not to mention having Patterson running that wheel route out the backfield

    Adam Halaby

    and if we take javonte in the second, idk who’s stopping our offense, we could use the rest of our 8 picks on o-line and defense

    Robbie White

    @Adam Halaby woooo nightmare


    Gage and Olamidae being sleepers is absolutely ridiculous

    Robbie White

    @808bboarder i agree

J. Rock

Love this pick!!! Let’s go Falcons!!!! Love, love it!!!

Eric Thomas

Our GM a cool dude. Can’t to see what he really does with this team #RiseUp

    Top Dad-Dawg

    He is cool because he kept Ryan. Which really makes him stupid.

    Eric Thomas

    @Top Dad-Dawg so you’d rather gain a sitting duck by drafting a qb and lose weapons than gain weapons for the qb that we’re going to eventually get?


Smith is happy as hell hahaah

    Jannaco Searcy


The UndisputedQueso

Thank God we did the right thing by drafting the best player in this draft. Terry really about that #bpalife fr

Stick Steves

“What made Kyle Pitts the best player available at 4”

Bravo DLed, Bravo!! Lol

But I do love the way TF handles DLed’s asinine questions. Throw that BS right back at em!

Doc Smalls

Terry doesn’t like D-Led 🤣
We love D-Led here Terry 😆

    Stick Steves

    Yea you can tell he’s already fed up with him 😂


    Love the question about the succession plan for Ryan. The pause by Fontendt was like he wasn’t ready for the question that everyone wants to know.

Jason L

LOVE PITTS!!! maybe Jamie Newman for qb?

Billy Simmons

Terry has really come in and got to work…..I am really excited for this season. I hope that offensive line gets addressed for real, cause they were terrible last year.

Kevonte Jones

Coach Smith reminds me of The food Critic from Ratatouille 😂😂

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