Kirk: ‘I Still Have So Much Room For Improvement’ | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stan ezen

Next year y’all be better


    We lost 6 one score games this year if we can win the close ones could be on playoffs next year this team seems to play better against division opponents

    Hashir Khan

    @Stan ezen Falcons did amazing second half of the season. If they keep it up they will see another one of these 💍

    Bacon Investigates

    @Stan ezen lmao


Cant wait for the fight plan episodes again

    Bosco Gamer

    Flight plan is fire


    @Bosco Gamer I hope its longer this time. I wanted to see some training camp or Early preseason

Bob Marley mon

I know huh

Cardinals 23

Hopefully we get ceedee lamb since coach Kliff thinks we should take a good wideout that can help us immediately he is a stud

    Robert G

    Cardinals 23 true but I don’t think he falls that far

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Robert G receivers dont normally get drafted very high. Remember everyone thought Metcalf would go top 10 but he fell to the late second round.

    Robert G

    Larry Legend is a GOAT matcalf doesn’t run routes well ceedee lamb does everything great

    Bacon Investigates

    We should becauase father time is cutin on Larry 🙁

josh espedahl

Needs to learn how to catch the damn ball last two games kirk dropped and EGG

Stan ezen

Good luck cardinals

    Bacon Investigates

    Thx urs too


Not Vance again smh.

    Daniel Barnett

    iceburr1234 the defense started to pick up at the end


    @Daniel Barnett They did I just think there’s an option for a better defense coordinator. Perhaps they’ll do better. Guess it’s the benefit of the doubt

    Winston Wood

    iceburr1234 Vance is not the problem we’ve had a new DC for the last 3 years it’s hard for players learning new schemes every year I really think we should stick with this staff

Fred Castro

Kirk still has alot to prove he had some drops. We should get the best WR in the draft.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Idk I think we need to draft a defensive player with our 1st


    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Than draft O’line the complete rest.

    Cosmic Shadow24

    Pass rusher

Bacon Investigates

I think we’ll go at least 7-9 lol at best 13-3

Chris Burke

So excited for next season.

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