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Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference vs 49ers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll following the Seahawks 21-26 loss against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field during week 17 of the regular season.

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David Romo

Tough loss good try to comeback goodgame

    Nolan Roche

    He crossed the plain for the touchdown but refs dont wanna call it

    David Romo

    @Ya boi JJthis will show us that we need to keep on working

    David Romo

    @Nolan Roche they didnt call pi and once it was 1 yard td sf decided to steal the ball and waste time should of been td too

    Nolan Roche

    @David Romo yea

    Ya boi JJ

    David Romo absolutely brother!


Pass rush was nowhere to be found… Shaquille Griffin got burned alot… and Travis Homer definitely needs to start


    Just because he hasn’t got a lot of interceptions in his career doesn’t mean he’s trash. Dudes a pretty good corner but he got beat a few times today. He doesn’t get burned like that often.

    Platinum Group LLC

    With Diggs hopefully we will improve


    Griffin is trash

    Capo King

    cwin…I call that huge pile of BULLSHIT. The guy sucks stop it.


    @Capo King look on PFF. Also, any secondary can look bad when you have zero pass rush. It gives more time for the qb to throw a accurate pass down field. Which we haven’t had all season.


On the bright side we play against Philadelphia and not Minnesota so you can’t be too mad about that.

    Sawyer Andrew

    Carson Allen yup definitely got crushed

    Sawyer Andrew

    Carson Allen idiot


    minn sucks compared to eagles. eagles on 4 game win streak


    @Tobias Spears yeah glad seahawks threw the game. Better spot for the seahawks to be in playoffs πŸ˜ƒ

    taos vargas

    bright side is that Philly is going to school the hawks. Marshan can take his skittles and shove them

William Vang

It was a good game! πŸ’šπŸ’™β€β€, Russ give to Jason to kick in the field goals!! We can Win. But we lose tonight.

Mister P

Homer πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


    @Op C excuses. 9ers have injured players too that didnt play. Bottom line is 49ers won the NFC west. Let that sink inπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Mister P
    NO Matter Still a
    L O S S

    Mister P

    2 weeks ago he was 4th on the depth chart and really just our special teams guy. This game he started with limited reps. He’s has a bright future. 49ers have on paper a better squad. It’s playoffs now and if the Seahawks win in Philadelphia and the Vikings lose in New Orleans, we’ll see the 49ers again. Pete with the Seahawks are 14-7 including playoffs. It’s a bird fight first.


    Mister P 49ERS will be prepare especially with a bye weekπŸ‘
    & in Levi’s 🏟 πŸ’ͺ

    Mister P

    @49ERS EMPIRE I hope the 49ers are 100% ready to get their hype train derailed by whoever. I like Jimmy G. Seems like a good guy. But like most of the qbs in this league he wouldn’t last behind the Seahawks O-Line. 49ers are heavy this year no doubt about it. Hopefully in the name of rivalry we’ll see you in 2 weeks. If not then I hope 49ers lose their top 3 rbs, starting te, among others. Let’s see how they do.

Anthony Togafau

Go John Ursua, you were clutch bro!

    Mark Huber

    I’ve waited all season for Ursua to get some touches.
    I think we gonna like this kid Baldwin like just not angry.

    A Fucking Bird

    I was so proud of him when he caught that!

    A Fucking Bird

    John is going to be a star!

    Fred Jr

    @Dillen keka your delusional

    Liquid Swords

    12s been yelling at the team to play him. Finally put him in due to injuries and Ursua proved us right.


It was a much better second half than last week, but damn they have to stop sleeping the first half and letting the opponent build up a lead!

    Ju Bon

    Why let the MoFo refs decide the outcome? Never put the game in the refs hands. Basically gave away the W. D was bad with missed tackles all game. Except for 4qtr, Offense was going nowhere. Tighten up the bad play. In spite of victory being less than 2 inches away.

    Elana Mccullum


    B00fpack '

    β€œMandalorian” this is the way


    @Chase Hiam And they poop themselves.

    Ju Bon

    For real though, a big bunch saying they lost years off they health cause the emotional rocketship ride during the season. The performance is suspect on both sides of the ball and maybe to a measurable degree, Hawks are mentally/emotionally fatigue. Pete can sense it and is showing it too.

Shawn Hannabach

Shotty is a bum just like his father!

    The Truth As I Know It



    tf is a bumb

    Shawn Hannabach

    @Greeenmamba Yer mom

Zachary Morris

This team lost the game because of lack of energy in the first half. Had they played four full quarters y’all would of won.

    Mihai Grigoras

    No fire. Defense was weak throughout the game.

    Chad Roberts

    Lmao niner fans talking about excuses when all they do is make excuse every game they lose πŸ˜…πŸ˜ when seattle beat them in cali they had every excuse in the books, and seattle had em beat again in seattle, the delay helped niners escape 😁 hawk fans all know niners will choke in playoffs

    corey pitts

    @Cole Shaffer how about the helmet to helmet that Hollister got on that game ending catch.

    Party Log

    They lose cus Pete is a complete smooth brain dumbass not running the ball lmfao
    *go pack go*

    scat daddy

    Marshawn inch

Light Yagamii

It’s amazing how theres so many cameras and tech yet the Refs still can’t be consistent when it counts the most

    The Bug

    Bruh New York literally did a review but didn’t see enough to review it on the field, and Al Riveron said that

    Jon Collins

    I see the Seahawks complain about missed penalties so much. Really thirsty for those free yards πŸ˜‚

    Ju Bon

    U probably a Saints fan. U Mad that we lost and couldn’t give you a 1st rd bye? Huh? Maybe a Eagles fan and u want the rematch? Both teams are rocked with injuries, I know how thin/ desperate Hawks are to sign on 2 30yo vet RBs.

    We all we got- We all we need.


Great effort today. We desperately need Diggs back. We just have to get fingers crossed that he can play against Eagles.
This is the begging. We just learned that Homer-Lynch combo is working and working like a charm.
We’re gonna rumble through the Eagles and then either go to Green Bay or SF and I have no doubt it will come down to another close game.
This time, we’re going to pull it out to advance to the NFC Championship against New Orleans Saints.

    Luis Chavez

    Dude are you smoking meth ?

Jigz G

He’s completely downplaying that’s delay of game lol

    Laurence Payne

    And the fact no one ever call him out on his bullshits pissed me TF off


    That’s what I thought. Coaches lose their job over that kind of thing

    Cedric Frazier

    Pete ur a racist just say it.. how stupid are you not to sub Lynch in quickly..??

    Liquid Swords

    Seahawks are the worst at 1st and goal. They had the game won and completely blew it.


700 tries not enough. I guess 701 would’ve got the last TD for the win. Smh

Fua F.

Should’ve ran the 🏈


    Fua F. Dummy Seabirds πŸ˜„

    taos vargas

    should have could have what ever its a loss, L Big Loss what ever you want to call it. Skittles suck

John N

Imagine Marshawn got the 2nd td at the one yard line. Hahaa. That would be all over espn.

    Marcus Kirchen

    Yeah just keep on imagining. The chickens Suck!!

    Cedric Frazier

    I see it now Pete is racist real talk


    John N that’s all you do is imagineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    taos vargas

    No I don’t imagine because its not reality. what’s reality is that skittles met Bosa and skittle sucks and is overrated.

    Cedric Frazier

    @taos vargas you stupid.. that would have been easy if no delay of game Lynch strong asf

Idiotic Tirades

49ers needed the bye to allow injured players to heal up and get back in the game.πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Captain Awesome

    Idiotic Tirades absolutely true. A bye means everything to them.


    Glad it’s the Niners that got the bye and one seed rather than the Chickenhawks. lol

    My Dogs Best Fren

    Captain Awesome haha yeah bro! next week Niners will be sayin BYE seattle 🀣🀣

    Fred Jr

    2 words – DEE FORD

Jessie Gallo

Although the Seahawks lost we learned that Homer is a threat and can be used in these future games!!! Hurts to see the game end like that but we ultimately learned more about our team ✊

    Party Log

    Hahahahah the sea hawks trash
    They had lynch at the 1 AGAIN
    *GO PACK GO*


When Lynch has to go through losing 2 games on the 1 yard line

Michael Tamares


John Hooker

Should of gave Marshawn the ball a lot more to start the tempo and get an early lead in the first quarter and second,”Please”

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