Kevin Stefanski Recaps Hiring of GM Andrew Berry | Best Podcast Available – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kevin Stefanski Recaps Hiring of GM Andrew Berry | Best Podcast Available

In this episode of Best Podcast Available, Jason Gibbs and Andrew Gribble are joined by Head Coach Kevin Stefanski in studio to talk about the hiring of the Andrew Berry and how they will evaluate the Browns roster. Gibbs and Gribble then take a look at a few of the national media's mock drafts.

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Can you guys get a free browns hoodie


Youngest GM in NFL history. Hopefully that works out, but just seems like another typical Browns move.


    How is this another typical browns move?


    @avonbarksdale91 hiring inexperienced people


This guy might be best coach since Marty and Bill B, carries himself well,

    ahaha good morning

    Moneynvrsleeps were u gonna type more or do you just not know how to use commas


    @ahaha good morning do you know how to use question marks and periods?


    morning oh no GRAMMAR POLICE!

    ahaha good morning

    fate7623 who tf r u

Josh De Laet

DePodesta down were all Ivy League hires. Haslam let these hucksters sell him a tech company. Sell the team.

    Naim ephraim

    Josh De Laet
    Smart people makes smart decisions

    john anthony

    Lol no dummy


    @Naim ephraim they didn’t make smart decisions last time.

rk 4391


joe Lega

another loosing movefor another loosing season

    Michael Hammerly

    learn how to spell


    @Michael Hammerly calm down

Trent S

i appreciate the intelligent conversation from everyone on this podcast.

Wolf Lord

Let’s go browns! 🙏✊🐺

Dan Church

Great information, fellas.


You know it kills me to hear about how Andrew Berry is the minority I’m so tired of hearing that crap He’s a human being and it’s about knowledge of a game I don’t know why they got to bring up the minority part of it I thought this country was over all of that crap

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