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Dustin Murphy

It’s a GREAT sign that Mr Berry took this job. He may be the most intelligent person wihtin the NFL and for him to accept this position says a lot about the Browns organization. People can hate all they want because they haven’t won. However this was always a 5 year plan when Sashi took over. We are right on pace yet everyone seems to forget this. Sahsi played a huge role in gaining assets, Dorsey played huge role in talent acquisition and now it’s Berrys turn to run the franchise. The brains if you will. This is a perfect setup. All 3 GM’s were instrumental in this process and it’s time to start winning!

    Ave thegod

    Browns fan my entire life… But, this post won’t age well…smh See u in December when we’re already nursing a losing record.. Sorry not sorry..

Eric Sego

I did not like when he was asked about positional important that he singled out the passing game. Without going into great detail it concerns me for two reasons. First and foremost is our coach Kevin Stefaski is bringing in an offence that is predicated on the running game. Second is that playoff and superbowl champions run the ball. Take Andy Reid for example who went to two super-bowls with great quarterbacks. In Philadelphia McNabb out dueled Brady in yards 357 to 236 but New England had more rushing yards 112 to 45 WINNER New England. This year even tho Mahomes may be the best ever, they attempted more rushes than San Franciso and if you look at it closely, when the 49ers were running they were winning, then they stopped and K.C. started running and the ran away with it. I dont care how great of a passing game is, if you dont run you dont win. He better focus on the running game first. We need a big tight end and a dominant tackle in the draft, and we can go from there.

    Eric Sego

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Jim Brown

    Eric Sego

    Nick Chubb could be that good.

    Bobby Mechling

    @Eric Sego …have you not herd of David njoku???


    We already have a strong run game. We need a good passing game to to compliment the run game

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