Kevin Stefanski: “Hopefully announce the staff in the next 10 days” | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I like the dude but I liked freddie also so this year I’m waiting for games not falling for the hype like last year.

Steven Marshall

I want this guy looking like this on the sideline on sunday suit and tie

    neubii neubii

    wouldn’t that be something? Soccer coaches always wear a suit and tie to games in higher leagues, except you are the unbeatable god of the ladder, then and only then you have clearance for a training suit.

    Paul Beduhn


    A W


Luke Kempke

Why are people ignoring the fact stefanski was only a coordinator for 1 YEAR! This dude has only been a coordinator for half a season longer than kitchens. Dont be surprised when his inexperience shows and were 5-11. Then its 2016 all over again getting rid of everybody from team to front office on another rebuild.


    If it’s goes good, don’t even ride the wave. Keep this same energy

    Chris Hammond

    @MultiKushie Right! People just want to be the first to say this will go bad because they fell for the Freddie hype. Some caution is prudent, but you can tell the band wagon fans who can never have any hope for the team 😂
    The Factory of Sadness can’t crush a true fan

    Luke Kempke

    @Chris Hammond I’ve been a fan since colt McCoy. I’m still a browns fan and I’m rooting for the browns. I just dont think it will work out.

    Luke Kempke

    @MultiKushie if I’m wrong I will happily admit I’m wrong. I’m a browns fan. I want them to win. I just dont think we will though.

Roys Toys

Guaranteed failure

    ot Cavalier25

    Roys Toys have hope, give it time

Luke Kempke

I just don’t get it. we failed last year because of inexperience so next year how does Haslam fix it? Of course by putting together a front office and coaching staff that’s even MORE inexperienced than the last. This is doomed to fail. I will not be drinking the kool aid this year.

    Chris Hammond

    Bill Callahan has a ton of coaching experience and so does our new linebackers coach where we need a lot of help. And they’re not done building. I think Haslam has quit on a quick fix hire. They’re putting together a staff of promising professionals to grow over the next 5 years into a perennial contender. I like it. I just hope they hired the right ppl

Joe Beckham

After this and watching Berry’s press conference I am quite sure we still don’t get it. But damnit, we will have a diverse group of forward thinking family men. Next year the Browns will be the face of social justice in the NFL, and be 4-12.

    Chris Hammond

    No hate, just curious what you think we dont get?
    I have a lot of questions that only time will answer with this group, but what do you think they’re missing already?

J. Rock

Happy so far!.. *Emotions in a box till game day tho 😒

white towel boys

Why did he get hired

    A W

    The analytics said so

    Christian Thompson

    You guys are both morons if u dont have the answer to that question by now. Do you listen when he speaks or??

Zinon Zurlatos

seems like they have got some people with football knowledge and we shall see how the “work” ethic deals with the egos and drama on this team. And this coach is willing to let others do some play calling and not be the i want all the power like others have.But it is true all talk means nothing till that first game day in september then we can see what it has melted into this time ..

Patrick J

I like Kevin alot, the more I hear him… no nonsense or ego. Just basic common sense.

Dave Lower

I’m not worried about the football coach, I’m worried about picking the players. The moves Berry and Brown made are what really worries me.

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