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Jabba Rocky

ok Jimmy H we got it you turned all the stones did the footwork now that you say you have the group of men you want. now keep you D&^kbeaters off the team and let it manage itself stop micromanaging a business you dont know how to run.

cold spring

Ha …anyone notice the one min of silence…

Tevin Prejean

Let’s go Andrew Berry I can almost guarantee he go get this team right an can almost feel the void of him drafting either Andrew Thomas or Mekhi Betcon at 10


See you again in two years. Sell the team.


Seems like a smart guy but so did the last guy

Karl Haertling

Look guys, there is much to be worried about regarding where Haslam is taking the Browns. Regarding Berry, he has been vouched for publicly by former NFL players such as Pat McAffee. You can find this on YouTube. Not saying McAffees opinion is gold, just saying this dude here is very well respected, smart and capable.

    David Hoang

    Bill Polian as well

yocielo8 P

Well atleast we got the Ivy League Office!

Expat Marc

Banana in the tailpipe?

Colton Lewis

It starts at 1:10 for anyone who needs this.
Berry starts to speak at 3:00

Mason Lawlor

He’s incredibly robotic.


    Part of the overall analytics strategy… bleep blop

Joe Beckham

I wish the Haslams would just sell already. I’m pretty sure they are secretly working for the Rooneys, keeping us down. The Browns are just a status item for them. We are F*cked…again…..

Paul Beduhn

Welp! Jimmy got his YES man.
What a joke of a franchise.


Well if there ever is a NFL front office Jeopardy episode, the Browns might actually win

Thomas Stankiewicz

Now that we have an Ivy League front office, we can lose intelligently 😂


Its just football god damn not rocket science pass,block,run,catch

    Mr. Strawmann

    LIL TY G The thing about the NFL is that there are 31 other teams, all doing everything they can to stop you and draft and develop better talent. It takes leadership, experience, strategy and skill to build a team into a winner, and even then there are no guarantees of Super Bowl rings. But Haslam hitting the reset button almost every year certainly isn’t helping.


Hello. My name is Andrew. I am a nerd. That is a good thing. Thank you.

    Charlie G



Please for the love God give Stefanski and Berry a chance to work

Jackson Nielsen

to the city of Ohio


And the beat goes on….

niko petrovic

Hope This guy works! Good Luck Andrew

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