Kelvin Joseph: Secret Audio | Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kelvin Joseph: Secret Audio | Dallas Cowboys 2021

The moment that Kelvin Joseph found out that he's a Cowboy!
Secret Audio presented by AT&T

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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The Star Vision

Welcome to Dallas BOSS MAN FAT!


Bossman Fat best pick of their draft so far


    Glad we got Bossman Fat but nah I seen Parsons play live. He is the best defensive player in the draft. People gonna be shocked how good he is. One man wrecking crew and with Bossman coming too. D is already better with out them taking a snap.


    @MrTerminator73 kelvin who? its bossmanfat


    @ANDY Yes Sir.


    @MrTerminator73 meh.


    @Anti I like him better than Moehring. I actually like Nahshon Wright pick a lil more call me crazy but I am telling the wright kid is dope.

First Name Last Name

1 pick away from this call being Moehrig (Potentially they probably would’ve passed on him knowing our luck) lol

    Aubrey Durham

    Kelvin Joseph better anyway. I’m glad he wasn’t on the board when we were picking


He sounds gangsta

    Lethal Prod.



    Yee he got suspended 🤣 man jerry loved bad boys


    He is though!


    He’s related to YoungBoy or at least associated for sure do your research

    hi hi

    @BabyK Means we gonna turn that d around real good 😈🥶🩸

Ahmed Chaibi

McCarthy “where are you right now “ tf😂😂😂


    I know wtf you tryna hit mike?

    Troy Blum

    @daniel hahahahaha

    Robert Moreno

    Making sure he ain’t at a funeral. Quietest draft call I’ve heard

    Scott Ira

    What are you wearing?


    @Robert Moreno yah fr

Amour cucci

Even they didnt sound excited about drafting him tf

Ronnie 2k

His excitement=0

    hi hi

    Dawgs know they finna be drafted like him ♨️💰🩸😈🥶

Shshsh Shshsh

Devonta smith killa 🗣🤫💨❗️


    I wouldn’t be surprised if he beats out Jourdan Lewis and Anthony Brown as starting slot corner.

    C. NIX

    @marvelandgroup he’s not playing slot corner

    KNate -

    I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be Trevon Diggs’ job to match up against Devonta. They know each other from Alabama. Pretty sure Nick Saban matched them up millions of times during practice.

    NOBO Takoda

    Let’s hope he cares more about football then he did in college

    Eduardo Tamez Jr.

    @marvelandgroup he’s a outside corner I’m sure Lewis will beat brown tho lol

Zero Video’s

Day thirty8 of becoming the most subscribed YT channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼.


Seemed very “sleepy-headed” on the call, hopefully, he plays with more enthusiasm.

    Nazir Peters


    E M

    @Nazir Peters Maybe, you should listen to him speaking. It just seems that way, but then maybe you are the “same”, so you do not see a difference. Power on man, some people speak or walk like sloths, but deep down are tigers. That is all I want from the guy. Go get em tiger!

    Dialedup 1032

    Nah he may have been just overwhelmed with emotions prolly took a while to set in lol


He’s going be dAwg when with Diggs

Peter Hernandez

Heard he’s a headcase. Any word what he did?

    Kaleb Skjeie

    Doesn’t matter he locked up devonta smith if he can keep out of trouble he has potential

    Peter Hernandez

    @Kaleb Skjeie Remember that “If” word with Gregory? Hmmmm

    Williams Nike

    @Kaleb Skjeie lol he played one good game. Now put on the tape vs. florida where he’s cooked over and over again. So bad he got benched and quit the team.

    Mr Pulla

    @Williams Nike how did he do against TEN?

Ward McComiskey

I loved just these secret audios. Wishing all the Cowboys draft picks work out great. Go, Cowboys!!!!

KNate -

Wonder why Dan Quinn isn’t in there??…he should be observing these picks since he’s their DC.




We finally gonna put the D in Dallas

It's Drew!!

Was dude high??


$1 says neither Mike McCarthy the HEAD COACH or defensive coaching staff had any input.
“I can’t answer that question cause I wasn’t in the Zoom Call” – Mike McCarthy


sounds like he just woke up. i hope he puts more energy on the field than he does in his speech

    Aubrey Durham

    Trust me bro he definitely will. That’s just how he talks. I have seen other times when he talks this exact same way😭lmao



Gino Bling

LSU all day ‼️‼️‼️

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