Nahshon Wright: Draft Day Conference Call | Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Nahshon Wright: Draft Day Conference Call | Dallas Cowboys 2021

CB Nahshon Wright addresses the media following being selected 12th overall by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Chris Smith

Yay a UDFA at 99!!!

    D’S Beats

    @Chris Smith I kinda feel bad for this guy I hope he dose well but I’ll be surprise if he even plays and yea your right


    Oh look we’ve got ourselves a draft expert here. I’m sure you’ve poured over hours and hours of tape.

    D’S Beats

    @JJ to be fair he doesn’t have that much tape only 16 games and like 10 starting

    Chris Smith

    @JJ Dude it isnt that hard to know when a guy isnt good and only an idiot GM (and you) would draft a guy at 99 no one else wants…Why draft a guy you can sign AFTER the draft…you see maube youre not THAT bright but you mayne can understand that you don’t deaft guys that you dont have to draft…its like paying a hundred dollars for a coat that’s selling as an exact copy but for a quarter at the thrift store next door

    Chris Smith

    @Full Blast x2 hes stiff as a board and they could have had the guy with their very last pick or just not waste a pick on him at all and signed him free

Chase Berry

Go cowboys!

Samuel Morris

Hope he plays well I wish him nothing but the best but this was a the reach of all reaches.

SaggMoney 264

Good player he is a Dogg


You cannot hold the pick against him. He seems like a good kid

Raul Castro

Yessir Stockton California

    Ahmed Chaibi

    Fresno county in the house

    Tony Sanchez

    Madera county in the house
    Let’s go! Welcome to the Dallas can’t wait

NotableStick -

I know bro ain’t jus let it off in my ear 🤦🏽‍♂️1:49 nasty ahh du

    Stephen Martinez


    DJ The Goat

    Daamn wtf 😂😂

D’S Beats

Don’t blame him it’s not his fault that he got drafted high he could be something

ShadowSword Gaming

I love his enthusiasm, Donavin Wilson was a late pick but had so much heart and excitement getting drafted and he is going to be great. Hopefully Nahshon could surprise all of yall. McClay, Quinn and McCarthy know talent. Trust🙏🏼🤟🏼💙⭐

Zero Video’s

Day thirty8 of becoming the most subscribed YT channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼.


Man would of loved ronnie perkins and elijah molden or syracuse corner isntead of the last two picks. I love osi tho

Toua Lee

They better be wright on this one

    Deceptionz FN

    I like what you did here

Big Reese

What’s his 40

    Jake Dubss


Frank Carr

this guy would have been available in the 6th or 7th…

James Dougherty

All this hate today, don’t start loving him when he proves all y’all wrong

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