Keim, Kingsbury on First-Round Pick Zaven Collins | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Keim, Kingsbury on First-Round Pick Zaven Collins | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim and Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury discuss their first-round selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, Tulsa LB Zaven Collins.

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OSM Krezzo

Yessir Go Cards

-Pokeball6321 -



This was a great pick

    Roy the Cardinal

    @Spatula shrek: donkey


    @Roy the Cardinal I remember you from the az Cardinals fans lice stream



    Devin C

    Ok anime profile pic HxH profile pic


    @Devin C Ok Devin with no pfp 😂🤡 who names their kids DEVIN 💀


I just hope we hit on tomorrow’s pick


    @Let’s sing the ABC our next pick would be in the fifth round

    Torey Clark

    I doubt tbh, several teams need corners still. Don’t expect a DB tbh but we can at least get that RB from North Carolina

    Rodney Bonner

    Hopefully tomorrow we Can hit on either Aaron Robinson from UCF or Eric Stokes out of Georgia

    Joey Mondo

    christian barmore still there


    @R T Our 1st draft pick 🤣


I really like zaven hopefully he can start and be good day 1 for us

    Ty Johnson

    He will start day 1 at mike linebacker. He’s taking Hick’s spot.

    Joseph Kuban

    He will rotate in but he needs NFL experience before becoming a legit starter. Just like Simmons.

    Hank Hill


Trout Gaming

i mean not a bad pick, zaven could be really good. but i do wish that we had another corner

    Raul Ruiz

    @Stailzy – idk if samuel would be a good fit? Isn’t he more of a zone coverage CB?

    Stailzy -

    @Raul Ruiz yea he is put in the dude is such a good tackler and is a athletic freak.

    Raul Ruiz

    @Stailzy – true but we tend to get man to man CB’s. Is there other CB’s that are man coverage?


    LoB had two great corners, we have one journeyman CB. Don’t kid yourself, we’re gonna get carved up because of this pick.

    Eli Lindahl

    Im on the same boat with u man after patrick Peterson left we need a new corner


All or nothing for Kliff and Keim

Joe Night Owl

Kliff this next season i wana hear less “we gotta give them credit” or none. Luv ya tho rise up red sea!

    World Peace

    That statement should not be expressed once this season

    Adg 87

    Facts Joe! No “tipping of caps” to an opponent that just pimp slapped you in the mouth.

RyRy Tha N8tive

Kliff: yeah you gotta give the draft credit. 😂😂


    Kliff: yeah you gotta give the cowboys credit they took parsons..
    Kiem: kicks his foot and shakes head( wtf man)

    Jeff McClure


    Peter Burrows


    Nyk NyCE

    Day in – Day Out baby!!!

Smooth Rider

I’m just gonna reserve judgement.
For now.
Let’s see how this plays out.

    Mama Only Son 520

    Naw forget that its ok if u want to say u want to slap the heck out of that ball @$$ head he got. HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO GO THERE THIS.

    Raul Ruiz


    Stailzy -

    @Mama Only Son 520 i don’t mind the pick. Asante Samuel could still be available round 2 and now our run D could be top to. Simmons and Zaven take up 5-6 yards each they will be sturdy.

    Mama Only Son 520

    @Stailzy – i hope your right my guy i hope your right

    _ Gxnnie

    Tyson campbell has a chance to be there in round 2 hes a 6’2 6’3 guy runs a 4.3 he is known for man to man and fits our scheme if we get him we will have had an amazing draft

Raul Perez

Wow great player for us dude a monster he will fit in great with the guys…💪💪Love his mentality beast…💭💭🙏🙏

Paul Patterson

Awesome pick! The haters will be proven wrong. Oh wait nevermind, I forgot they’re never pleased 🤦‍♂️

    Creed Boal

    @alex sanchez if worse comes to worse zaven collins has the best coverage line backer in the draft even better then some corners

    alex sanchez

    @Adg 87 yeah butler was a good pick up and I agree I don’t think Banjo is the answer next to Buddha..hopefully we can get Tyson Campbell or Ifeatu Melifoniwu in the 2nd round..

    alex sanchez

    @Creed Boal yeah I guess but I don’t see him playing corner 😆 keeping my fingers crossed that they get a corner in Round 2 🤞..

    Adg 87

    @alex sanchez I really want Moherig…but I wouldn’t be mad at either of those!

    alex sanchez

    @Adg 87 I like Campbell but I’ll be if they just take a CB in the 2nd but knowing Keim he might go WR 🤦‍♂️😆

Humble Rumble

Remember that people booed JJ watt when he got drafted! High hopes for collins

    Coyote Long

    I don’t think many ppl think Collins won’t be good… Rather, they’re just disappointed that we didn’t go for an area of greater need haha

    Creed Boal

    Fax collins has 3 award for best defensive player in the nation


    Since there’s a lot of Suns fans in Arizona. I would’ve mentioned Dan Majerle and Steve Nash being booed on draft day.

    Cason Kyle

    A tip : watch movies at flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

    Hendrix Mustafa

    @Cason Kyle Yup, I have been using flixzone for since november myself 😀

Kevin Campbell


    Miklo Velka

    What exactly is fantastic about using your second consecutive first round pick out a linebacker? I like Collins and I do think he could be a very good player but it doesn’t change the fact that Keim continues to make poor selections




Zaven Collins was a great pick, never can have enough LB’s! Go get that RB or CB in the 2nd Round!

    Creed Boal

    Jovante 2nd round I hope🤞


    @Creed Boal No! Best player available

Sinned Edifacs

Outstanding pick. Future anchor of the defense for years.

Colin Zeis

was Keim worried that Zaven might photoshop his real weight?
did he have to facetime him for that or would a picture have worked? 😅

Nyk NyCE

Also don’t forget we could still trade for a CB. I can see Hicks being moved now.

Jermaine Johnson

If Zaven played for Oklahoma, Ohio State, or Alabama. Everyone would be going crazy about how good of a pick the Cardinals made. This pick would be rated as an A+. It’s too much bias to the small schools, like they don’t have talented athletes like the blue blood schools.

Gogio Cannizzaro

Great pick, but they gotta get a corner on Friday.

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