First-Round Pick Zaven Collins’ Press Conference | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

First-Round Pick Zaven Collins’ Press Conference | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals first-round pick Zaven Collins addresses the media after being selected in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Man was crying, I’m happy for him and I hope he comes and balls out for us!

Cardinals 23

U n Simmons lowkey a scary duo ngl

    _ Gxnnie

    yes two 6’4 monsters who are quick and versatile. If we get Tyson Campbell I will be so happy

Curtis Ray

Congrats I’m glad we gotten Collins more power we needed

Cardinals 23

I see u respecting K1

Cards Fan420

go out there and prove them doubters wrong my mans!!!! not gonna lie, was kinda upset especially since the Raiders scooped up a great olineman right after. But seeing your emotion and passion makes me think you really love this game the grind the hustle the hard work.. have a feeling you and Simmons gonna be trouble.

Dana Black

My man is lit af, good thing we have legal weed in AZ 😂

    Raul Ruiz

    I could tell too lol

    Checkered Life


    Mr Spacely

    He aint tokin on anything until after draft night. He is tipsy from the champagne and thats his right. He earned it


My man won 2 defensive player of the years this year and won the Lombardi award aka the outstanding player award. I had no idea this guy was this good but I’m happy now


    @R T jordan hicks sucks collins will hopefully have replaced him by the end of the season


    @dkfrayertoklax No if they are taking him this early. He better be starting by week 2


    @Tyler id like for that too i was just generalizing at some point have him starting over hicks

    R T

    @dkfrayertoklax yea I know but I just feel like db was much more of a need for us. Maybe we get one in the 2nd round maybe we can trade up to get Asonte Samuel

    _ Gxnnie

    @R T no not samuel we need a bigger guy whos known for man to man like tyson campbell he fits our team better


He sounds very nervous, and honestly it’s understandable. I think once he gets the jitters out he can be someone who can come in and make some plays for our team

    Karl Lexter Fernandez

    Agreed, but i like how he ask their name and address them by it


    @Karl Lexter Fernandez Yea me too. He comes off as a high-character guy who is only going to add to the culture we are trying to build


    He’s drunk

Bill M

Everyone in the comments thinks he’s nervous… nah my man is lit LMFAO

    Bradley V

    That or drunk.


    @Bradley Vlit means drunk hehe

    Checkered Life

    @Bradley V he’s neither. c’mon!

    Hans Shouse

    The dude is a pre-med student… he’s def smart and def enjoying himself tonight.

    JR Lagasca

    He is totally lit lol. That’s how I talk haha

Mr. RoyalStandard

I was confused at first, but after watching this I am excited.! Dudes character is going to fit perfectly on this team

Raul Ruiz

He forgot that we don’t have patrick peterson anymore!😭 also him, simmons and weaver are a great trio!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


    weaver? lmfao


I’m happy about this pick. Gotta have some sympathy for him though. The reporters asking him what he likes about AZ and the Cards and he has probably never set foot in the state or watched a Cards game.

    Joseph Carroll

    This is what I hate about Arizona sometimes(my home state and current) we act like we’re surprised when good players want to come here when we shouldn’t. We’re paradise 9 out of 12 months a year, we have a team for each of the big 4 professional sports we even have a MLS soccer team which is pretty damn good. People always count us out because of the past couple years. And our fan base should be bigger than it is. I think finally after a couple bad years people might actually put respect on our name.


    @Joseph Carroll Phoenix does not have an MLS team they have a USL Phoenix Rising FC

Simplenate Nate

Zaven was referring to Kevin Peterson by the way. He really wants the backup cornerback to count on him 😂😂. Love the pick tho


    Maaaan he kept bringing up Pat Pete didn’t he? 😂

    billy mill

    The guy has been under immense stress the past few months and he had no idea who was taking him so no wonder his interview was a bit shaky


    @billy mill Hey, and I’m sure Pat P could help him out with pickin’ a single digit number:)

Humble Rumble

It may not be clear why we drafted him now, but remember that people drafted the jj watt draft pick

gio cam

I know this man might be high off a kite but I really respect him asking for the reporters name so he could speak to them formally


has a future as an analyst, he’s well spoken.

Daniel Barnett

The way this dude talks is awesome. He seems so genuine and real

Enoch Escalera

You gotta mention Chandler’s Jones and Budda Baker fam! Welcome to the family

Wild BattleToad

If the NFL doesn’t work out for him I could def see him as a character in the WWE 😂🤣🤣 …that boy was lit af hahaha


this man will be a menace for years to come

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