Kareem Hunt | Anatomy of a Player | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kareem Hunt | Anatomy of a Player | Cleveland Browns

Browns running back Kareem Hunt is featured in this week's Anatomy of a Player presented by LECOM.

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Hey love Browns


This head coach is sad

    Edward Gaines

    Freddie is a cancer upon us all.


    I hope pres eats his remains.

Rayenal Owens

A dawg

theGod black

Please pay this man!!!

Robert Schröder

Best RB in Toledo history #GoRockets

Sean Perkins

If the front office has any type of IQ they would give this man a contract

Carver Williams

Not only is he a all star running back, he is a pro bowl considered kicker

    Edward Gaines

    I can’t believe he’s only 5’7! Dude looks taller on TV.

RealJet CF

Instead of this do an anatomy of the coaching staff? Fire them now!!! I would like to see browns win at least 1 super bowl before i die.


El Pres> Freddie Gx Kitchens

Mike Muffler

Who else came here thinking they were gonna see his “anatomy” ? #Sensual #Anatomy #Junk #MooseKnuckle

Mike Muffler

The Anatomy of a dismembered organization.

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