James Conner: “I feel great” | JuJu speaks about his game status – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

James Conner: “I feel great” | JuJu speaks about his game status

James Conner speaks about how he feels, the Jets game and more. JuJu Smith-Schuster talks about coming back from injury, playing in cold weather, being a role model and more.

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why does Conner sound so tired?

    Klutch Gaming

    I think he just dislikes talking with reporters lol Last training camp he was getting sick of them asking about Brown and Bell.


    He’s high

Willie Mearis

Steelers beat the Jets I get to the Jetske Decillis go Steelers beat the Jets will win go juju Smith sister and go duck

    Angry White Goy GTKRWN 88

    JuJu Smith Sister? 🤣😂

    jessica valdez

    It’s juju Smith Schuster

Randy Farley

Seems like Connor talks to soft you can’t hardly hear what he says.or is it just me!!! STEELERS ALL THE WAY!!! LET’S GETTER DONE)))

    Steve Spears

    He tough dude though he been through Hell;


    conner seems like hes too soft, milking his injury

    Steve Spears

    @snakestyle69 Man this guy is a cancer survivor I highly respect this guy;

Cameron Wright

@ 6:15
” Hey bro relax and stretch a bit Minkah you saved our season. GOATTTTTTTTT!!!


Rahmeire Wright

Its nice to know juju is getting back on the field where he belongs


    Wait a minute you mean he’s actually going to play in a football game and not stream video games all day long this is a new thing holyshit I didn’t know he was a football player anymore really two seasons lost they should just put them on IR if it’s that serious

    Rahmeire Wright

    He actually had a knee injury thats why he didnt play

Victory Asher

Conner sounds like someone who knows that because of being injury prone, he’s not gonna get a big payday.

Dom B

Lol these bums can’t carry yall anywhere lol raven nation


    Ravens, the team know for criminals and murderers. They even have a statue of one.

    Jeremy Hinton

    Bro go watch your ratbird feed👌


3:12 juju part elf, he from rivendale

Rican Floyd

Who cares about L Bell? Why are these clowns still asking questions? Let it go already.


    Yeah man, the media is trying so hard to make everyone care about it but absolutely nobody does.


seems like conner is milking his injury


    snakestyle69 I wouldn’t say that. I think he has lots of things going on with his injury and who knows, maybe he is dealing with his health problems of the past. All speculation .

Shifty Austin

Anyone else feel like James Conner’s personality has changed since last season…He seems more angry and less respectable…


    Shifty Austin probably frustrated cuz he been hurt all year and hasn’t got the ball
    like he should I would be too


    I agree that something’s up. Perhaps he’s afraid he could be traded because he hasn’t been very healthy. There is always the next man up and after everything he’s been through he may be thinking about that. But it’s pure speculation.


Conner looks unhappy.

John Bruce

As a Steelers fan the reason I don’t miss Bell is because of how slow he is. In his last 525 carries, he has none longer than 27 yards, with only 3 carries of 20 yards or longer. Longest run this year is 19 yards. If he has any 20 yard carries against Pittsburgh I’ll freak out!

    Robert Voyten

    Big runs don’t win you games consistently. Him averaging 5 ypc for us did

    John Bruce

    Robert Voyten Bell averaged 4.3 ypc as a Steelers. Never averaged 5 in any season. Would have been nice to have a back who wanted $15M a season to rip off 50 or 40 or even 30 yard TD runs.

Darryl Watkins

Shots fired! Lol! I see you JuJu!


Their season is over. No QB, No Secondary, pathetic coach. Time for Steelers to clean house. Organization seems to accept substandard performance now. LAME! Tomlin will never bring another championship to the IRON CITY!

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