Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Logan Aplanalp

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Noobmaster 69

Chiefs win 31-17

Sean S.

Ok my Chiefs will probably play the Ravens in the AFC Championship game this year. The weird thing I just realized, is that it took 3 games for Mahomes to beat Brady. With that same logic, can LJ beat Mahomes in his 3rd game? I’ll ALWAYS choose the Chiefs to win. Our defense has gotten light years better since last season and our offense may not put up as many points as last year, but we’re still top 5 in the league so it’s our Conference to lose. #ChiefsKingdom


    Don’t scare me like that

Sean S.

My chiefs got this in the bag 27-13

    Stan ezen

    33-19, chiefs win


27-10 chiefs,, it going to be a blowout

    Stan ezen

    Nope. 33-19 chiefs

ThatOneGuy 123

HAHA Mahomes bs Trubisky? Yea give me the Chiefs 24-17

Jay Stiles

KC wins comfortably like 40-20

    Stan ezen

    No. Don’t underestimate Chicago.

    Will be close by halftime , like 17-12


This moment when Number 15 plays in your Stadion but not with your Jersey. Uff.

Sean Bozeman

Chiefs 28
Bears 13

Ella & Max Perez

CHI 10 KC 39

robin baby

Chiefs got this

    Stan ezen

    I agree. 33–19 chiefs

zmon 8426

Chiefs win 27-16

Hunter Davis

Chiefs 62 bears 7


    yes sir

Daniel Tayong

Chiefs 24

Bears 16

Stan ezen

Playoff bound Kansas City heads to Chicago for their final Sunday night game of 2019. Trubisky is still playoff alive and his Bear Brothers look towards him to secure a berth for the postseason. Should be a hard fought cold game. Who wins? My take?:

Chiefs: 33✔️

Bears: 19


    The bears can’t make the playoffs anymore.. they’re eliminated even in the best case scenario.

    Matthew Erickson

    Best case they go 9-7, and every possible NFC wild card team or NFC North leader has either 10 or 11 wins RIGHT NOW.

Stan ezen


Mahomes(28/34, 326yds 3 TDs)
Trubisky(27/37, 264yds 1 TD 1 INT)

*Rusher of the Day: McCoy, with 88-108 rush yards and 1 TD*

*Kelce will have 93 receiving yards and 2 TDs*

Chiefs finish 12-4

Bears finish 7-9(will lose to Vikings next week)

Brad Dilley

You got to love how people dont pay attention to how there run defense has been the last 3 to 4 games

Travis Stoudt

Let’s go KC


Mahomes gonna get destroyed lol

Mark Symbala

Kc 38 bears 10

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