Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Dirt

Let’s go Niners!!! Richard Sherman is playing let’s get this W Boys!!!!


    Ha. Sperman Merman

    Lorenzo Castillo


    Joe Dirt

    @agreensubstance 🖕

    Joe Dirt

    @Lorenzo Castillo 🖕


    @Joe Dirt Joe Deertay would never root for Sperman Merman. Get your mind right.
    9ers are ok tho..
    Let’s see if you can make it to the SB like the Rams did.

Skyler Smith

One of these teams are going to lose back to back games…

    George Couvson

    @J Empath lay off the pipe buddy

    Ya BoyHeso

    J Empath My 49ers are not losing to the Lams

    GoldFrames Bandit

    Ya BoyHeso 49ers almost lost to the cardinals , lowest team in our division .. twice.

    Ya BoyHeso

    GoldFrames Bandit Division games are usually supposed to be close and Kyler Murray is hard to contain for any defense

    Nemo 05

    @GoldFrames Bandit ok and the Rams lost to the cowboys, your point is?

Johnnyy Bravoo

Please win this weekend Rams! Last week was tough for you guys and I know the Niners beat you guys last time! It’s an different ball game! Let’s see an Niners fourth loss!

    Ya BoyHeso

    The Rams are basically eliminated the Vikings are gonna win one of there last two if not both and the 49ers are getting there 1 seed back. My Niners will win this one knowing what’s on the line

RJ Ante

I’ve got the Niners winning this one. LA isn’t that good this year.

    Zach Berggren

    RJ Ante they underrated trust me

    J nasty Yeet

    Carrs overrated at least they give u that last win in Oakland.. o wait

    Zach Berggren

    J nasty Yeet this is the niners game, when did I every say anything about Carr 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Evil Dax

Pissed off Rams team playing spoiler. Pulls off the upset study the NO Saints blue print. The best defense gave up 6 TDS

    J nasty Yeet

    Nothing to play for

    Mason McConnell

    @J nasty Yeet who the rams ?

    solider of the apocalypse

    More like pissed off 49ers to lose the way we lost

    Evil Dax

    I see the vikings losing to green bay and Bears. Bears swept them last season. The rams have a lot to play for

    Nemo 05

    You don’t think the niners would be pissed off more because they lost to a team that’s not even gonna be in the playoffs?😂

Chris Paul point god

Only 1 most lose…. or tie i guess I’ll be fine with that

ThatOneGuy 123

Lmao 49ers lost to Falcons🤣🤣🤣. They’ll bounce back though 33-17

    Ya BoyHeso

    Falcons aren’t a bad team despite their record they are a team with a lot of talent that could still be a playoff team next year easily just like the Chargers and Rams.

    Nemo 05

    @Ya BoyHeso I agree but tbh falcons just a weird team

Rodney Harris Jr

49ers 28 rams 17

Sean Bozeman

49ers 31
Rams 23

james quinones

I’m a Ram’s believer and always will be so I want them to win after all the 49ets lost against Falcons. The Ram’s need to put extra effort.

Steven Santos

As much as it sucks to lose at home against the Falcons, it’s a wake up call for the Niners and I see Shanahan getting it done these next two weeks.

Shortest SB Champion QB

Rams with the upset


    Ya BoyHeso

    Not happening we are winning this game and then the division game in week 17 for our 1 seed


    Ya BoyHeso Keep dreaming

    Fabian Ramirez

    Hel no


    Shortest SB Champion QB you wish Seacock fan, we are winning the next two games.

Daniel Tayong

49ers 30

Rams 17

cedric williams

GO HAWKS!!!!💙💚💙💚


C’mon San Fran, snag this win.

Lorenzo Castillo

Luser 49ers no win next two games. Lost in playoff


I hope Niners rest their players and lose the final two games, they have too many injuries going into the playoffs. Rest and prepare for the first round wildcard.

Fabian Ramirez

49ers win 26-14

Nemo 05

Jimme Ward gonna make Cooper Kupp look like a clown again

Jerry Junior

Rams NEED this in order to avoid being eliminated, I say that they will upset the Niners at home, game can go either way.

Rams 23
49ers 20

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