Josh Jacobs & Maxx Crosby Featured in ‘Move the Sticks’ Top 25 Rookies of 2019 | NFL Network – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Jacobs & Maxx Crosby Featured in ‘Move the Sticks’ Top 25 Rookies of 2019 | NFL Network

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks rank the top 25 rookies of 2019.


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    Troy Butcher

    600+ yards 4TDs for a 5th round pick who missed a few games. He def should been in the Top25! But you know they don’t like putting Raiders in these categories. They just had no choice with JJ28 and MC98!

    Mark Yocum

    Steal of the draft. 💯

    Chris Clark

    nynty5 He should have been in the top 10.

    Troy Butcher

    @Chris Clark I wouldn’t say Top10 but def Top25! He was the Raiders 2nd best WR by default, same as Tyrell Williams was our #1 by default. But when he played we were a whole diff team(7-6 with him, 0-3 without him)! We went on a 3 game losing streak without him toward the end of the season(4GM skid but 3 w/o him)!
    It wasn’t that he was the best thing since sliced bread. But he was solid and by far our 2nd best WR! We didn’t have much if anything at wideout after T. Williams and H. Renfrow! So you take one of them away, were in TROUBLE! He wasn’t very good to start the season. But got ALOT BETTER halfway through the year! I could argue he was as good as ANYONE in this years ROOKIE CLASS the last 7 GAMES!

    First 6 GMs 14/26 53.8%(Cat%) 115(Yds) 8.2(Avg) 0(TDs) 12(Lg) 0(Fum) 19.2(YPG) 3W-3L
    Last 7GMs 35/45 78%(Cat%) 490(Yds) 14.0(Avg) 4(TDs) 65(Lg) 1(Fum) 70(YPG) 4W-3L
    Season 13GMs 49/71 69%(Cat%) 605(Yds) 12.3(Avg) 4(TDs) 65(Lg) 1(Fum) 46.5(YPG) 7W-6L

    If he played like he played his last 7 games he’d DEF be in the TOP10! But unfortunately he started slow but finished strong af! He def deserved to be in the TOP25!



    nathan yeeyee

    Naw I don’t think he’d make it this draft was good

Kevin J

Moreau, Renfrow and Mullen should all be top 25 also. Straight up amazing Draft class.

    Dominik Perez

    just renfrow tbh

    Kevin J

    @Dominik Perez Moreau is top 10 in recieving TDs for TEs and he’s missed like 4 or 5 games this year from injury. Mullen I’d consider the bottom of top 25 but I cant name 24 rookies better than him.

Nicholas Rosales

Maxx Crosby: 9:44
Josh Jacobs: 11:53

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    Both of em in top 10

    Troy Butcher

    Maxx should of been in top 3 with JJ and JB!



    Coach Davis

    Appreciate it

    Hans Moleman

    you’re doing god’s work, nick

NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

Last season I was very skeptical of gruden. But this season, idk it was a rollercoster, with our young talent.
Can’t wait for 2020. Josh and Maxx are only going to get stronger. 🤜💥🤛

    Hernandez Garcia

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100 we get Abraham bk too

Daniel boi

Ay we are going to the play offs next season

    Chris Clark

    Daniel boi depends if we get a #1 WR either via Draft “CEEDEE Lamb,” or a good FA ???? And our D needs LB and DB help. Can’t wait to see what we do in the draft.

Raul Estrada

Mad maxx better than bosa js

    Raul Estrada

    @Kether Day this guy you on the wrong page stay in you’re lane

    The Rope

    Kether Day better stats with worse teammates = DROY stupid popularity contest.

    D Nice 415

    Bosa is better than max..he faced double and triple teams all season and didn’t start the first two games of the season ..maxx was better than the bust clelin hands down but bosa made a bigger impact on his team than maxx..

    The Rope

    Bosa wouldn’t have had nearly as good a season if he was on the Raiders and Crosby would’ve had even better stats if he was on the 49ers. Crosby also didn’t start the season and was also double teamed. Crosby did more with less and that makes him a better player. Bosa doesn’t deserve DROY just because he was on a better team.

    Joshua scott

    @D Nice 415 9 sacks i1 int 1 force fumble – maxx Crosby 10 sacks 4 force fumble

Real Richmond

We got two top 5 players out of this season rookie class….. this shows where we are headed in the future! Raiders on the rise!(even tho mad max Crosby was rated at number 6 I’m standing by my top 5 comment above lol.)


    Renfrow, Moreau and Ferrell all hitting their stride toward the end. Abrams’ll be back and Jacobs and Crosby are givens. What a draft class, Hope Mayock can stay on.


    @eedleate mullen is pretty good as well

Troy Butcher

I think Crosby outplayed Bosa as a rookie. Crosby wasn’t even starting at the beginning of the year(10Sacks 4FFs). Madd Maxx Crosby DPY!

    Chris Clark

    Troy Butcher I hope Jacobs gets OROY but it’s be nice if my Ole Miss Guy AJ Brown was Co Winner(“He Should have been a Raider”)

    Troy Butcher

    @Chris Clark I’d love to have AJ Brown but I actually thought DJ Metcalf was going be better! I was wrong but you couldn’t go wrong with either 1 TBH. Both balled out but I’d def take AJ over DJ today. Heck I like Baltimore A. Brown as well, he just got hurt and doesn’t get the same targets. But AJ is a stud and the best WR in this years draft(I like T. McLaren too).
    But in my opinion Josh Jacobs is hands down ROY! If you watched him play you’d understand why! The guy is a beast, has the sickest 2 step in the game! He’s literally a Top5 RB as a rookie! I think this guy is going to be a HOF!
    He has everything from power, drive, agility, speed(5th gear but no 6th) and the best 2 step in the NFL(as a Rookie)! The only thing he doesn’t have is afterburners but he can still go the distance on every play. You don’t realize hes 220lbs when you see him bc hes so SOLID! Watch his highlight tape this year, he moves the pile. He was leading the NFL in YAC before he got hurt.
    I’d have loved to double up and got Miles Sanders too. We could have had the sickest backfield in all the NFL! But I would have went with one the WRs out of need if we knew the A.B BS was gone happen. Miles Sanders had a solid year but he’s 1B to Jacobs 1A! If you go to NFL stats for RBs check out YPG. Jacobs is 4th in the NFL as a rookie he just got hurt at the end the year(Should have had 1,400yds rushing).

    Chris Clark

    Troy Butcher I watched every game AJ and DK played in and either one would have been a great addition. But there’s one other N.W.O. that got lost in the mix and that was DaMarcus Lodge. He was just as good as AJ & DK imho. I’m really surprised he never started for Carolina. I don’t even know if he’s on the practice squad or not. And now that we have Lane Kiffin and got rid of the RichRod offense look for the WR’s to have more of an offensive impact. All our WR’s are either RS FR/SO with two JR. I’m hoping we get back to WR University, and we have two of the top RB in the SEC in Snoop Connor and J Ealy. I’m running off about Ole Miss, we got a little ways to go but we’ll be back competitive in the SEC West.

    Troy Butcher

    Maxx Crosby had 8 sacks in his LAST 8 GAMES(Starter)! He had 2 sacks in his 1rst 8 games. He got more playing time later in the season. He was playing behind Benson Mayowa, Josh Mauro, Arden Key, and Clelin Ferrell. But Clelin Ferrell and Arden Key was playing on one side. Then Benson Mayowa and Josh Mauro was playing on the other.
    When Madd Maxx Crosby finally got his chance to start, he finished the last 8 games, with 8 sacks and 2FF! He had 10 sacks and 4FF in last 12 games. But the more PT the better he became! That’s why in my eyes he had a better season then Bosa. Because BOSA WAS THE STARTER DAY 1 and CROSBY HAD TO JUMP 2 GUYS ON THE DEPTH CHART!

    Troy Butcher

    @Chris Clark Yeah but you got to consider most the attention was on AJ & DK. So he was able to operate and have alot or space. When you got 2 of the best WRs in all of football, you could have probably made plays on that team. If you have 1 guy like that it helps create space. Then factor in you had 2, he had everything he wanted underneath and more.
    If he was anywhere close to those guys he’d been on a team somewhere. Bc their was several teams desperate for a solid WRs, The Raiders being one of them(The Patriots being another).

Troy Butcher

Josh Jacobs is easily the ORY its money in the bank!

I Perez

Max Crosby had better stats then bosa just bosa had an interception


    Maxx 4th round pick, and Josh Allen 1st round pick. Allen 10.5 sacks 2 forced fumbles. Maxx 10.0 sacks, 4 forced fumbles = Maxx a huge a value pick for the Raider’s and the steal of the draft.

    I Perez

    @Top and max got some called back because raiders are almost the most penalized in the league sadly

    Troy Butcher

    I do wish we drafted Josh Allen with the 4th pick though. Clelin Ferrell is solid but he doesn’t have that flash in his play. I mean imagine Madd Maxx Crosby and Josh Allen opposite of each other! Now that would have been a helluva tandem(1,2 punch) for the next 10 years!

    Troy Butcher

    But I will say Clelin would have had closer to 7 sacks, then 5.. If he played DE all season bc they moved him around. I think hes solid but not great, if that makes any sense. Josh Allen has that extra gear and the splash play!


    @I Perez Yep they just can’t help flagging Raider’s with BS penalties. Too bad it’s only getting worse league wide, klling the game.

the champ69

How can they justify putting Bosa ahead of Maxx when Maxx started 2 or 3 less games and have identical stats plus Joey had a better defense to compliment him, just a popularity contest


    the champ69 Nick

    Arnold Celaya

    Think you got the wrong Bosa brother. Just saying..

Rock WiseMan

How is Bosa 1? JJ and Mad Maxx were both btr. I’m biased but the stats prove it lol. Gay


    Rock WiseMan
    Hahahaha IKR?…

Joshua scott

No hunter renfrow?

Joshua scott

How is nick bosa number 1 clearly maxx Crosby better than him 😂😂😂


That list is TRASH!!!! Josh Jacobs is definitely 1 and MAXX is better than Joey Bosa

Undea Khann

In my ranking Josh Jacobs is 1. Playing running back is harder than a rusher.

R Phillips

Crosby stats are better than Bosa stats plus you mentioned the flag being thrown that called back a few sacks, Crosby should be defensive rookie of the year

nathan penketewa

No third and renfrow? on man!


imagine if we would of had josh Allen and maxx crosby

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