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Best Sounds of the Game from the 2019 Season | Raiders

Watch the best behind-the-scenes footage from the Raiders' 2019 season.

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Sol6rG6mes ForYou

Sin City here we come

    Kevin J

    The Autumn Wind is hitting the Sin City with pride and poise

    Shay Perry

    I can’t wait to watch a game in the DEATH STAR RNFL!!!!

Kevin J

Let’s get Jay Gruden for offensive coordinator please


Raider Gang Gang MFs💀RNFL😈

    tiny rick

    How did that last game feel? 🐴🐓🔒

Tyler N

Man, I know some games were a big disappointment but damn it was an exciting season. 2020 is gonna be lit

Michael Schoe

Ich bin so gespannt! Es war eine gute Saison, hoffentlich geht es weiter so! Go Raiders, go!

Josip Ljubicic


Raider Junkie

Raiders going to the bowl in 2020!!!!

Raider Junkie



When josh jacobs said playmakers at 0:14 I felt that

Josue Solis

I had goosbumps

Mister Paradise

I’m still amazed Key didn’t get flagged on that sack of Trubisky.


    Mister Paradise Trubisky didn’t play Chase Daniels was the QB when we played against Chicago

Isabella Rodriguez


Darth Plagueis the wise


Raul Estrada

Miss my Raiders I’ll be there first game in vegas RN4L

Joshua Meza

Raider nation cant wait till next year just slow progress to be great

Robert Jackman

1:35 WOW!! You can hear the 💥 BOOM when Jacobs refuses to go out of bounds and initiated contact by the sideline

Their helmets get to that CLICK! CLACK!

Robert Jackman

Was the 3:29 Hurst sack sped up?
It def was right?

Oscar Sanchez

3:21 waterboy is thinking “Best Day Ever!!”

Jon Hendricks

This team continued to prove that they are overrated and cannot compete with even the worst teams in the league. Multiple college teams would have destroyed the Raiders with the way they played this year. They had no heart to win. Just tank baby for draft picks is what they did

Luigi Porpora

PERFECTION! Great job guys, love how you work in the Raiders song, keep up the awesome work!

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