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Brian Vargas


Liam Molinaro

My ROTY💯💯 don’t care what y’all say

    Perfect Shot

    @Liam Molinaro false. Derrick henry did. Plus aj brown was the only rookie reciever wit 1000 yards and was the best reciever on the team as a rookie

    Evil Duck

    @Liam Molinaro actually Henry has the most broke tackles as a Running Back

    Norman VanScoy

    Miles Sanders better


    JJ’s OROY for sure!!

    About Me

    Terry McLauren – 3rd Round pick and nearly 1,000 yards on a bad team


Josh Make The Vegas Raiders Go To The Super Bowl!!


    @Dillon O’Connor he said Vegas raiders so most likely talking about 2020 season

    Dillon O’Connor

    Crazy ohh well then agree

Meeep Meeep

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ONFP Highlights

Cray ending at Denver
I woulda gone for the extra point tho, then head to OT
Anyway, Jacobs for OROY

    ONFP Highlights

    @ғεвz I think we would of won in OT, our defense was playing better, and so was our offense, but I do agree, we had so many injuries.

    Micilo 419

    They had no LBs or RBs left on the roster and were forced to go for 2

    ONFP Highlights

    @Micilo 419 We would of won in OT, we were playing better in the 4rth quarter anyway

    Adrian Osis

    No, Gruden made the right call. If we would of converted yall would be singing a different song. This game meant nothing. I’m glad our coach showed some cajones.

    ONFP Highlights

    @Adrian Osis I always wanted them to go for the extra point, before the drive even started. Yes, it woulda been awesome if we converted, but I still prefer to take it to OT. And I’m glad Gruden finally called a risky play, (btw that was the only time we went for 2 points).

PaulBall Prod.

He got a lot of potential

Escocivo 30

The Raiders really improved. Say all you want about how disappointed they finished. Josh Jacobs was the best for them


    Ye he’s gonna be the foundation of the offense for years, good they didn’t rush him back and make his injury worse.

    Ryan Flanagan


    Carlos Inda

    Writers had the raiders winning 3 games.


DC4 still a raider next year?

    Hank Hill

    @Chase only idiots still defend him


    His next season is do or die. If he dosent put up even better stats next season /non positive record he gets cut

    Jordan Mendez

    @Hank Hill people who have an inkling of how football is supposed to be, and not Madden football, know Derek’s quality. You give him solid receivers who can actually catch passes, and he will not hesitate to give them the ball

    Hank Hill

    @Jordan Mendez this man has a great oline, rb and tight end and he’s been terrible. How? He literally needs a perfect situation just to be average. He’s just like dak Prescott

Robert Velazquez

And he missed 3 games


Josh Jacobs is the RoTY. How did Kyler get two times the video length of highlights? Biased much?

    Baby Yoda

    Chase bruh wat 😂😂😂😂


    @Baby Yoda Jacobs was only given a 7 minute video showcasing his best plays while Kyler was given 16 minutes showcasing his best plays. Jacobs definitely had more than 7 minutes worth of highlights. Do you still not comprehend?

    Jordan Mendez

    Josh Jacobs was the first rookie Raider back since Marcus Allen to have over a thousand yards rushing, not just that, but the dude is a highlight machine. He deserves Rookie of the Year. Anything less is an insult to the dude’s Talent


How many ban wagon ravens fans are in the comment section today

SamyBigBlue 919



⭐ROTY: Josh Jacobs 🔒🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Xavier Duke

    ғεвz & Bosa on defense

Gabe L

Definitely a good idea drafting Josh Jacobs

Tim Belotserkovsky

I get it, miles sanders highlights aren’t yet posted since he still has another game next week

yung soss

6:24 wow

Ricardo Duran

I was hoping to see the play when he trucks Amos🥶

Raider Ted

Offensive rookie of the year ✅

Josiah O'Connor

Bright star going foward. Have to build around him

Swagy Boi

He went so fast @6:26

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