Josh Ball: Secret Audio| Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Ball: Secret Audio| Dallas Cowboys 2021

Josh Ball gets the 📞 and is "ready to go" 🙌

🔊 Secret Audio presented by AT&T

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Zero Video’s

Day 38 of becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼.


I love this time of year it’s like being able to watch kids unwrap presents


Jerry sure loves his character issue players LMAO

    kenneth stanley

    Anti you’re right and Twenty Five years have proven that but that’s the Cowboys way as Stephen Jones would say which has lead them to not winning another Super Bowl.

    Brenda Joyce

    @Anti 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    @Raymond Solis Jr. How are you comparing selfishness to domestic violence

    JAX Longwell

    @Anti You need to take a break off the internet. Go get some rest okay child.


    @JAX Longwell you need to take a break from hanging onto my jock. You comment on all my posts, little guy.

Bola 1013

You can say what you want about Jerry, but he has changed lives and given young bucks great opportunities, its up to them now to make it happen, my favorite part of the draft

Ward McComiskey

Let’s go Cowboys!!!

Skeptical Fan

Stop getting in trouble. Then maybe the Cowboys don’t have to bring it up.

    hi hi

    4 years ago ppl change, it’s not like it’s 2 months ago

    Travis Morris

    @hi hi I don’t care if it was 10 years ago ….you beat the crap out of women and you shouldn’t be drafted to my team …don’t be surprised when he gets in trouble in a year or two

Darion Allen


    Darion Allen

    I wanna get excited but I don’t know who he is?

First Name Last Name

Nice a woman beater

Dexter Bernard

Hey Josh, it’s time to be a man. Put away those childish things. Amen


Everyone deserves a second chance and a third and……….

Mark1968 Mclaughlin

I realize this player has a domestic violence case on his record he screwed up fell in draft to cowboys reminds me of lael Collins everybody deserves a second chance hopefully he went to anger management classes and continues to get help he could be a steal or future trouble problem we know 2 or 3 years from now.


Man enough of these character issue project players. Get the ready made guys lmao with intangibles


    ahh a J Geezy fan. Well our old coach isn’t here anymore, those days are gone! This is a gladiator sport, i don’t need these drafties to be a role model. Dak already has that covered for the kids. Time to turn this soft locker room into some mean SOB’s.

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