Josh Ball Joins the Draft Show | Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Ball Joins the Draft Show | Dallas Cowboys 2021

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Rafael Garza

Looks like a beast! Welcome aboard Josh. Go Cowboys!

Skeptical Fan


Roger Goodell

Another player I get to suspend! Dallas is doing great in this draft. 3 players that will soon be suspended.

    Brandon smith

    Booooo lol

    AAM Headquarters

    Booooo where were you???


    Don’t think so Jerry is getting old and done f’ing around. Jason G is gone, no more “right kinda guys”. Did you see how quick he made that “Diggs threating an IG girl with a gun” thing go away? Bet Jerry had his hitmen go pay her a visit, she deleted all of her posts about it QUICK. Jerry must have reopened an old devision at the star. He’s gunna have people following these guys around keeping them out of trouble/scrubbing the scene clean if something does happen.


Man I like dante smith more from ecu. We allergic to safety too I guess no Washington or johnson?

    Bawby Charles

    Devonta Smith is a WR we didnt need! Kelvin Joseph shut Devonta down when they played! 100%! And Kelvin Joseph had a int defending against Devonta Smith

Aaron Z

Nah, Josh Ball good player but will get in trouble again. Oh, well


Can we start him at guard and Conner
Williams at center?

    AAM Headquarters


Brandon smith

Had a domestic violence incident? He better bring that same energy on the field 😂

    AAM Headquarters


Bawby Charles

Welcome aboard Josh!!! Come show these boys that Aggression and you should of gone a lot sooner in the draft!! The past is the past!!

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