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Josh Allen: “We Will Not Let One Game Define Us”

Quarterback Josh Allen addresses the media after the 24-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens topics include; making more plays on offense, the high level the defense played, and finding a way to win.

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The 3 Flippers

He is my boy

EBoy Chris

Allen I love you as my qb but come on we played sorry but there’s more games out there pls be ready to play

    Tara Plock

    @Nasir Nunez so you are saying Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are even athletically 😂😂😂 good God you are a true fan.. Lamar is a WORLD CLASS athlete.. They aren’t even on the same planet.. I can t argue with blind faithful fans like you

    Tara Plock

    @Brandon Underwood That’s why the Bills are the bills… If you have Michael Jordan you build around him.. If the Bills were smart they will build around Allen but they won’t .. they will force him to fit a role that doesn’t fit his style. That’s the difference in a losing career and a winning career…

    Nasir Nunez

    Tara Plock I’m not blind I see where your coming from but I feel the same way there’s no debating with someone with no hope l. I hope you know you have all my respect though you don’t need it I just disagree with you that’s it. Plus God is good. Hope u have a good day and God bless u


    @jay ceo Well he wasnt even going to play AT ALL last year, so let the kid develop, give him time, and support the team. simple as that

    Brandon Underwood

    @Tara Plock you have a point there but still we’re 9-4 and i have a feeling we’re gonna get an uptick in performance from here on. It seems like our team likes playing on the road with short rest bc at home and with rest they seem rusty. Then we’re gonna be in the playoffs and we’ll see where we’ll go from there

Phin Attack

Josh is a beast for taking all that punishment and still battling. Offensively, we didn’t play a good game today but were still in it and that Ravens D is no joke. I have no doubt we will learn from this and put it all together when it counts. Defense balled out. We got through this game bruised and beaten but healthy for the most part. Not gonna lie, it’s gonna be a tough week but can’t wait for the Steelers

Go bills!!

    The Way

    Phin Attack Dude, he took some serious shots today. Some vicious hits

    Ÿûkîaśê Berłiñïán

    The Way Receivers didn’t help him much out today either.

    Nasir Nunez

    For real and we need to make some oline moves in offseason and look for a wideout in draft

    Ÿûkîaśê Berłiñïán

    Nasir Nunez yes O line improvement a true #1 big body receiver and another RB to compliment dingleberry In my opinion

God Emperor Pepe

We played one quarter of today’s game. Slept for the first 3 quarters straight. Spent too much time skipping around having fun little “Christmas” practices on our most challenging week of the year. We deserved this L.

    Samuel Young

    God Emperor Pepe whut

    God Emperor Pepe

    Samuel Young check their Instagram


I’m done with everyone saying “what do you expect? This is the best team in the nfl”.. We owned that game. The only difference was they capitalized on our mistakes and we didn’t capitalize on theirs

    Phin Attack

    We needed to capitalize on Lamar interception, like they did on Josh’s fumble. Too many long developing routes. Ravens blitz more than 50% of the time, the most in the league. Offense was doing fine when it was quick passes. They needed to be more prepared for pressure, especially since they had extra days to prep

    Andrew Colvin

    @Joe Schmoe true but think about it. We have been in every game even ones where we lost and played bad. If we were decent on offense in a few of those and boom a win. We are headed in the right direction for now and the future. We played bad in the games we lost and almost won all of those except the eagles game. We have ourselves a team for the long term. No more we are too far away and need like 10 guys. We are a few players away now. We should feel good about the bills. Hoping they get back on track and get in the playoffs and play carefree. Go bills.

    Michael Fessenden

    Uh, that’s why they’re the best team in the nfl. Because they capitalized on our mistakes. They’re the best team in the nfl for a reason. We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet.

    Shay White

    FACTS! we played good defnsese and held Lamar too 40 Rudy yards!! We are a good team!!! Our O line was horrible helping Allen!! We can easily be 12-4!!! Best Steelers and horrible Pat’s and let’s team and we can be NUMBER 1 IN OUR DIVISION!!!😈😈😈😈💯💯💯🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🏈

    Andrew Colvin

    @Shay White for sure. Allen left the pocket early a few times but the o line did him no favors and that may be why he was starting to leave early tho too. We played one of the top 3 teams, had some miscues and were one play away from tying it. Steelers won’t be easy but we can win that. Hell if we are on our game we can beat the pats as well. We need to work on stopping the screen game, and the o line needs to get back on track and we will be okay

Sonya Capotblanc

Still got love for you
Am. So proud on how far you come. Since. 1999. ❤=🏈

Cj Carrington

Keep your head up josh y’all did great today nobody cares what the haters have to say

Michael H

At least he’s taking responsibility for what he needs to improve on and what he messed up on instead of just saying “we” need to get better. Gotta respect that

    Hans Moleman

    @Ra Ra Yeah, he also had drop balls and that beautiful throw to Foster on the run wich was a flagrant not called interference.


Ravens fan. First time this season I wanted to stop by my opponents page to say they have a fantastic QB. Hats off fam Bills > Pats

    Kimberly Granger

    @Icejamjello… first Ravens fan I have seen today to be a good sport. A lot of rude fans. It was a watch til the end game. You have an amazing team. LOVE MY BILLS! On to the next game,

    Flash Point Blank

    Respect. Ravens are a hard nosed tough team. The bills will get better because of this loss. Hopefully we see ravens again in the playoffs.

    William Harford

    Another Ravens fan. Much respect for Bills & JA (he is my Fantasy QB). Good fight, wire to wire. Good luck in Playoffs Bills. Go Ravens.

    Richard Ramirez

    Respect 👊

    STG PDAI119

    Respect but we gonna see y’all soon 🤨💯

N` chan

Same thing every time. I know what hes going to say before he says it. But hey i ride when high ill ride when low. Keep your head up kid. Youll get better

    Scotte Easter

    I agree.. Unfortunately for us, in games like today Allen will always fall apart. The defense shook him all the way up. Had he hit those first 3 passes that he missed terribly the outcome may have been different. Same with the silly drops by Knox & our receivers which is annoying asf!


Like Bruce said the other day, they have to take care of things in our house and get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, will not be this year but if we can beat Pittsburgh next week that will get us in the playoffs and we may get another shot at Baltimore or the Patriots. When was the last time we won a game in Pittsburgh like 28 years

    Dallas CoastToCoast

    @Charlie Coccia lol your fa funny guy

    Dallas CoastToCoast

    Did pburg beat baltimore?

    Dallas CoastToCoast

    @Charlie Coccia we will smoke pburg and new england watch

    Charlie Coccia

    @Dallas CoastToCoast You are way too optimistic about it. I’m saying the truth.

    Charlie Coccia

    @Dallas CoastToCoast No.


RBs run angry and we run the table. Bring back Duke Williams.

Kenneth Jackson

Hunker down and lay it on Pittsburgh! Lets Go Buffalo!

Sam Corona

What happened to moving the QB around and oh yeah how about running the ball more and why are all the routes so far down the field? The play selection was a big part of the failure and blocking assignments

Joey Boloney

Alot of “coach talk”. They’re a good team, we need to execute better n move on to next week.


2 of the 4 Bills losses were to the Patriots by SIX, and the Ravens by SEVEN. If you think the Bills arent a good football team, on an upward trajectory, you’d be wrong, and missin out on an exciting group of guys!

    B Healy

    In a 16 game schedule there are no moral victories

Jordan Skubish

Josh swaggin the Drake OvO shirt. We slugged it out w a top 3 team til the last play. I ain’t even mad. TAKE the experience, watch film, rest up, & COME BACK STRONG 💪💪

Carlo Black SR.

Josh keep moving forward and keep pushing to improve yourself and the team , run more two minute drills, and capitalize on more routes to Beasley in the slot …..forever in the mafia as a bill Josh the best is yet to come 📌

Sempiternity GMS

Can’t wait for this team to play the Steelers. Go Bills!

Erin Freize

Almost made up for an awful first quarter with his patented 4th quarter magic, and plenty of help from penalties. Came within a completion of beating the NFL’s best team, so not too bad.

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