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Sean McDermott Post Loss to Ravens: “A Hard Fought Game”

Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media after the 24-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens topics include; offensive production, the great atmosphere, and learning from this game.

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In CogNito Reply

Josh Allen let the moment get bigger than him. Early on he missed some easy throws. I highly suggest he learns how to let excitement leading up to the game roll off his back. Be present. Out of mind. In the moment. He has incredible potential. Possible super bowl team here. Few edges to round off.

    Stiles Johnson Reply

    In CogNito Facts.

    Stiles Johnson Reply

    Joe Schmoe Facts.

    Joe Schmoe Reply

    @Richard Cartahena We really just need a true #1. A guy with height that Josh can just throw it up to in 1 on 1 situations like a Courtland Sutton. Our receivers are too small for those jump balls. The steelers will copy this blueprint defensively. They need to fix it fast. Baltimore did the exact thing New england did. Cover 0 man to man blitzes and we couldn’t do a damn thing. Other QB’s and receivers eat that up

    Richard Cartahena Reply

    @Joe Schmoe exactly. Why do we even have Duke in our roster and not used him hos a treat in the endzone amd and in tje slot for tje middle when these linebacker attack us ..

Buffalo Fan716 Reply

I wasn’t expecting a win VS Baltimore. Offensive line didn’t show up today. Not worried defense played great did everything they could to keep Buffalo in the game. We’ll win next week VS the Pittsburgh Steelers

    jay ceo Reply

    @Junior Lovell facts

    jay ceo Reply

    @dantaniondb no excuse , he overthrew three receivers, he still fumbles the ball , BS we could have won this game.

    Nasir Nunez Reply

    jay ceo fr I say this game came down to a few plays which are those over throws and the big TD by hurst.

    Edit: plus the fumble and getting pushed out of field goal range

    edtech0student Reply

    Ravens fan here, it’s been a long time coming but the Bills are legit and a team to be respected. They are and will be a playoff team. Good luck against the Steelers and the Pats 👍

    jay ceo Reply

    @Nasir Nunez he overthrew the ball to Brown and Roberts, lol that could have been a game-changer.


The O line….. please please get a couple backups!!
With better protection Josh will be elite!!
Five – Six drops of WR & TE…. Allen can’t do everything.
We’re close!
Let’s Go Buffalo!!

    Alen Reply

    Hell yeah 43% rate is elite af

    Dane DiStasio Reply

    Alen hence why he said “will be”

    Nasir Nunez Reply

    Dane DiStasio exactly people just say what they want and I’m not trying to defend Josh but it’s like mans didn’t even read the comment

    Dane DiStasio Reply

    Nasir Nunez exactly, people just hating, Josh showed us promise all season, not going to let one bad game outweigh the good ones

Adam Rounds Reply

This is a game not to dwell on! Move on an practice hard!

    Lamar Odo Reply

    Adam Rounds going to be hard for them not to dwell on it. It was a pretty big game. Offense is going to be kicking themselves for a few days

lester sconiers Reply

Raven d is damn good but this team here is damn good also

    Rollie55 Reply

    I didn’t want to say a word, because some people were calling for a blowout, Bills haven’t played anybody good yet, etc, and it was only a one score game.

73 77 Reply

( glass breaks ) he finally went full stone cold on the umpires at least on camera. that was awesome. what wasn’t awesome was that failed pass interference that was almost challenged … which then was accidentally made up for by two 15 yard advances – 10. The ball was right there for the OT or one point win on what would have been the final drive.. I think that should be the message… I said it before but people accept defeat rather than how close to the win. That means you HAD the “hottest team in the nfl” within inches.. that means without breaking spirit or losing finesse you play that little bit extra tighter and you can defeat the “best”. I have a world record in something, and when I said ” I only need a little bit extra punch” … I laid the smackdown on the record because I had confident finesse rather than a breakable excited spirit. I think that’s unfortunately what happened to Josh today… all we’ve heard about is Lamar Jackson. Have to work on some psychology to get the fear down to a zero factor. Make that boy a fucking nazi cyborg ( make believe folks) .. Brain before heart pass it where you really want it and it will land perfectly.

victor ubiles Reply

Hard fought by our defense. Entire oline was abysmal today.

dondi2261 Reply

Fear not. The Bills are a team on the raise, they just need speed on the edges. They need bigger receivers. Not one is over 5’10. And why isn’t Duke Williams in the lineup?

Thunder Nugget Reply

Josh Allen needs to “learn” how to score a touchdown before the final seven minutes of the fourth quarter!

    Chris Booth Reply

    It’s spelled A-l-l-e-n

    Thunder Nugget Reply

    @Chris Booth yup

    Thunder Nugget Reply

    @Chris Booth No, it’s spelled Allen

Thunder Nugget Reply

Josh Allen needs to “learn” how to be accurate past 15 yards.

    Chris Booth Reply

    It’s spelled A-l-l-e-n

    Thunder Nugget Reply

    @Chris Booth yup

Good News Reply

Bring back Chris Mohr or Brian Moorman. They did continue to fight, even through their struggles. Never once did they give up, gotta be proud of that. They have been gritty and full of heart all season.

Giovanni chong Reply

Keep your Defense playing like they did. You’ll see us again if they do. Idk if Brady or mahomes can deal with your Defense. -Ravens fan

crazyclimber80 Reply

The Good: Hauschka, the defense (save for one big busted coverage), Devin. The Bad: Josh, the offensive line, some terrible penalties, some wr drops, Bojorquez. All that said this was still very close and was a loss we could afford.. but next week in Pittsburgh we really need to win.

Phillip Anderson Reply

where are our screen passes. you can’t let a team blitz you that much and not make them pay

    Eliana Disanto Reply

    Phillip Anderson I was saying that late in the 3rd!! Run the screen… that D was coming soooo fast , coulda burned em

Cactus Leoni Reply

John ‘houdini’ brown

ricky smith Reply

BEST BILLs Coach sense Marv Levy ,, I think he is INSANE AWESOME.. Hear me now this man will bring a SUPERBOWL Win to BUFFALO

Deborah Nadolski Reply

McDermott blaming the punter is stupid. Maybe you shouldn’t be punting so much. That would solve your field position problem.

Stiles Johnson Reply

Starts with Allen has to make those throws when receivers are open. Allen played scared same way like the Pats. Keep feeding Singletary offensive line needs to be more consistent. We are another big receiver and tight end away. Keep this defense intact. Offseason focus on offense. Super Bowl defense we have.

Cosmic Jerry Reply

😐 The Bills need to put Duke Williams on the roster. He’s a BIG TARGET in the end zone 🏈

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