Josh Allen | “This Will Be A Chip On My Shoulder Til We Play Again” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Steven J. Trump 2020

Congratulations Josh… You had a phenomenal season and the people of Buffalo are very proud of you!

    Robert Cooney

    @DrunkNugget what you talking about


    @David Kelly If, if if. DAL is not a playoff team, PIT played with backups. BUF had no quality win, beating one playoff team when they played Mariota. Allen was the 24th best QB statistically.

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @bowlchamps37 these idiots will IGNORE Stats and live off moral victories… Typical loser mentality

    Richard Cartahena

    @David Kelly been a Bills fan since ’70 watch it with my grandfather he had a season ticket had to give it away couldn’t afford it wish i could keep the season ticket

    hector alvarez 77

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers ravens gonna lose to the chiefs 😂😂

Dennis Madigan

I was wondering which Allen was going to show up, the good, the bad or the ugly! It seems they all showed up and the good got beat 2 to 1

    David Kelly

    Hey….it’s the playoffs!! Anything can happen!! Allen made some throws that most QB’s could never make (especially that cross shoulder throw to Singletary late in the 4th quarter, on 3rd down)!!! In his first playoff game…I thought my boy Josh played very well!

Jim P

Got some people here making comments who’ll be waiting to see who wins the SuperBowl, and they’ll be subscribing to SI so they can get a new free jersey and video for their new team.

Geek Squad

He looks so down….but that’s expected when you lose a close game like that………never seen him like this

    Alexander Bemis

    Geek Squad fr bro, it makes me depressed to see him like this

    Richard Cartahena

    His just butthurt like everyone else

    hector alvarez 77

    Geek Squad we got robbed. according to rulebook that was a TD on the fumbled kickoff smh NFL

    Geek Squad

    @hector alvarez 77 yeah I know the better team didnt win…..we should of won

Ryan Pinney

Can’t wait for next season. Overall a damn good season for Josh Allen & the Buffalo Bills.


    I wish you all the best. But you guys benefited from a soft AFC East and NFC East. Josh Allen has not been a difference maker. He was the 24th best QB statistically, he held back the team. Wish them all the best. But your QB has to improve a lot. Cause schedules are not getting easier.

    Ryan Pinney

    bowlchamps37 Stats aren’t everything. He competes to win and plays for his team mates and fan base. He will improve and he’s got what it takes to win. He’s only a 2nd year QB with an entire new offense.

    hector alvarez 77

    Ryan Pinney we got robbed. according to rulebook that was a TD on the fumbled kickoff smh NFL

    hector alvarez 77

    bowlchamps37 nah we know allen is good. his potential is great. he just needs to keep practicing and he will hopefully have a #1 wr next year. No, john brown is not a #1.

Mark Fiorella

dusk yourself off learn and a better next year


Fear of failure =good. Terror = bad.

King Javo

Josh needs to skip the mechanics and focus 100% on the mental part of the game. Slide or go OB more, take a sack without always trying to fight through it which causes more yards lost and turnover or penalties, soften your throws for short passes like the one you drilled at Gore from 5 yards away, simple things will make you better. I have to note that your demeanor shows growth and having that chip will make you stronger. This is the calmness, poise, and confidence you need to instill into your persona come next year. Then you will win in the playoffs! Stay healthy and get ready for next year. It will be here in no time.

Eric Harris

once he learns to not fumble every game the bills are going to be unstoppable

David Maly

That muffed kickoff should have been a touchdown for the bills…. Rules are rules, no matter how dumb, on a kickoff you have to kneel to down it, call the game by the rules then change them come off-season…

    hector alvarez 77

    bowlchamps37 it was not the correct call cuz the player kept the ball in play, while not kneeling or calling a fair catch. he then fumbled and bills recovered in endzone.

    yes, it looks like he gave himself up. that was his intent. however he didnt follow the rules and take a knee or call a fair catch. this is the playoffs. he should know the rules by now.

    all he did was signal for his teammates to stay away, catch the ball, and drop it. thats why no whistles were blown, and it was originally a touchdown.

    espn had a segment on it today. the refs blew the call.

    the last thing we need is for the refs to start determining what a player is intending to do. they need to follow the rulebook like they did in the 2001 AFC divisional game between New England Patriots and The Raiders. if you know what i am talking about. the refs are inconsistent in their rules and leniency

    Richard Cartahena

    @hector alvarez 77 he threw the ball to the reef that means he was giving up

    hector alvarez 77

    Richard Cartahena nope go look at the rulebook. nowhere in there does it say what u just said.

    Tony Black

    David Maly I’m a Bills fan and you need to stop with that bullshit. Stop looking for cheap easy touchdowns. Bottom line this offense is below average starting with the QB

    hector alvarez 77

    Richard Cartahena

    A touchback is declared if the ball:

    1.) touches the ground in the end zone before being touched by the receiving team—Nope, Carter touched it first

    2.) goes out of bounds behind the receiving team’s goal line—No way, Carter clearly has it inbounds

    3.) strikes the receiving team’s goal post, uprights, or cross bar; or—No chance

    4.)is downed in the end zone by the receiving team—Nope he stayed up the whole time


Even through the SCRIPT.
You made me a BILLiever.

Th3WildRov3R _

We should of went for the long field goal on 4th and 23. Can’t believe we passed and took a sack. Bad call.

    Tony Black

    Th3WildRov3R _ Terrible sack. Allen is a bone head.

Ken VR

Opponent teams know he is prone to fumbling when he runs or is sacked. Until he learns to stop fumbling all the time or makes them pay for blitzing, they will constantly try to punch the ball out of his hands and run blitz him to make him beat them thru the air deep which he cannot do right now.

Nolan Rhodes

Respect. Josh Allen is our future.


This young man is a class act, so is the whole team. I am a 40 year Bills fan transplanted to Wyoming. The whole state is Bills country now because of Josh. I have experienced all the horrific defeats but feeling much better today. Trust me, this young man will one day be the greatest QB ever in Bills history and I have seen them all from Jack Kemp to Josh. He will bring a championship to Buffalo! Keep the faith.

dwayne ruffin

this kid needs to get his mental thing together – tired of emotional speeches, covet the ball and first downs! did he really throw a 40 yard jump ball to a Fullback with he game on the line?

Josh Maine

Maybe work on your lateral game? Jeeeesus christ I’ve never seen so many bone-headed plays in a playoff game in my life.

Chris C


    Enrico Pallazzo

    Truth. Plus the division is gonna be a lot tougher too. Jets will be good, and the phins got gailey out of retirement to be O.C. so they’ll be alot tougher, then the perennial pats will be the same or better.

Daniel Woods

Josh allen thank you for a awesome solid season……can’t wait to see you and the Buffalo Bills go to the playoffs again next year……thank you for a great year And thank you for bringing the playoff Drought to an end……the bills are legit again

Mr. Ryan

Never saw a qb look as mentally lost as he did in the 4th.

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